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It strays from the story line but there it is for you… Stone stumbled onto the truth. The reason the “Magic Bullet” left such a mess in Kennedy is that Kennedy had to be shot several different times and under different circumstances.

Why? Because of the doo good putzs of the second age! “Oooohh! Let’s go back and change those moments of history that we don’t like.” That moron could SEE, with his own two eyes that things in the past were being changed to affect the present of whomever it was that was changing the past and it never twigged to him that it was the future that had put things the way they wanted them!

They “saved” JFK, they being the 2nd agers, then somebody had to go back and kill him again, this time from the roof. Then the stounad in the 2nd goes back and “saves him” AGAIN! Again Kennedy has to go, but this time it’s raining like a longhorn pissing on a flat rock! There is no shot from the Book repository, the roof is up on the Lincoln. There’s a guy standing there with his umbrella for christsakes! The shots come from the grassy knoll.

All the clues were there. It was one sloppy job, done numerous times in numerous ways. Kennedy had to die, goddamn it! If; not if; WHEN Kennedy doesn’t die, Civil Rights never passes in time for… do I really have to explain this? Every school boy knows it… well every school boy born after 2087 knows it. Just take my word for it, it is inevitable… so long as Kennedy dies.

While we’re on the subject of 2087. You don’t have to, but it will be good for you to know that we don’t do that anymore. Not just because Stone did a world wide broadcast of the Garden of Gethsemane and it showed Jesus exposing what the Gnostics had said it showed, so the whole entirety of all religion was turned on its head.  No, we stopped counting years because they became irrelevant.

You only count years because you want to know how long you have to live before you die. The fact is that some of us never really die anyway and those of you that do, it won’t make a difference. You’re still part of the greater whole, its just that you’re not entirely “you” within it. For some of you its like an icecube. When the ice cube is formed it has definition it has measurable properties. Its affects have effects on the glass of “water” it’s added to. But it grows old and it “dies” it becomes part of the whole glass of water. Consciousness, for many iterations, is no different. You consciousness is essentially just aggregated portions of the collective consciousness, “frozen” into a consciousness you can call your very own you call it an ego, until the inevitable, and then your ego diffuses into the collective again.

But sometimes the ego stays intact after death. This is what Jesus was explaining to Judas, that he, Judas, was one of those that remains intact. He was the only one of the Apostles that Jesus explained this to. Why? Because Jesus was explaining that roughly 1 in 12 is (for lack of a better term) immortal. In your time the percentage has increased to 1 in 11. At the end of the 9th age the percentage is close to 100%. This is probably why no one knows what happens in the 10th age and beyond.

The thing about this is that you have known this to be true for your entire life. But you’ve denied it, mostly because we told you to. But you’ve heard the advice in the back of your mind, not the inner voice which is you chattering endlessly in the untrained mind. Yeah, you can admit it, you have other voices, just admitting it doesn’t make you “insane”, denying that they exist is insane. I know that because we told you so. Yeah, some guys have “voices” that tell them to kill. Most of the time those are the voice equivalent to what you refer to as “frat boys.” They think it’s hysterical to drive some gomer ditzy. You all hear voices, and those of you who consider yourselves “enlightened” you interpret these to be the voices of your ancestors, spiritually, if not genetically. Those of you who have a clue think that these voices are the liaisons to the collective conscious. The CC is a collection of all present knowledge in the world.

That’s pretty good, but what Stone exposed was that the understanding that the voices come from both the past and the future. What is more, the voices… Their “official name” is Al, but I’ll get to that later. The Als from the past have already been in the future and they know from the experience where changes today will take effect a future present.

This is why we don’t bother with years anymore. At the instant that the 6th age attacked the 2nd age and the “Time wars” came into existence, all references to “past, present, now, then…” worthless. From the perspective of one standing on the moon the entire episode happened instantaneously. From your current perception, the event played out over thousands of years. From a chronological biography point of view, a single person, a single ego would have lived what is truly an infinite number of different lives over the “time period.”

To use a tired expression, “It’s like describing the color lijg to a person who is has never seen it.”

Your “present” changes nearly every day. You woke up this morning and you kissed your husband. A man you have known since college. You have three grown children together, you’ve had the better and you’ve had the worse. He reminds you so much of your father. “Yesterday” you were a man in Bolivia, divorcing the mother of your children after 25 years. You had built yourself a strong and successful chain of investment brokerage offices in a cosmopolitan La Paz. The day before…, need I go on?

But you don’t remember those lives. Your mind is built to believe what it sees. With the coming of the second age, people learn to remember those lives. That’s why it is the second age.

The end of the first age comes when people recount their stories. They think that they are just works of fiction, but what a number of them are, are accurate recollections of alternative lives they have lived.

And inevitably, some people notice the pattern in those stories. Inevitably, because we plotted it so, someone figures out the algorithm to change the past without setting off the “time travel paradox.” He starts to ply this trade and he notices there is someone else from the second age doing the same. The NSA/MIC…

How he deals with them is the substance of another story for the other day.

Why the Als. Al is described as the word “The” in the Middle eastern tongue. The reason is that Al is described as the first compound sound that mankind makes. There are grunts and there are groans and there are “ah” s and “oh”s but the first and easiest, almost like exhaling  is Al. Al, the word Allah, the word of God.

You know this to be true (that the voices are Als) because they make their presence known. What is the plural form of “the”? “They.” What do we say when something is common knowledge? “They say…” and then we ask “Who is this ‘they'” See?

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