Chapter 6 ish

“This is Roland I Tumble.
“We’re speaking, live, with the man who literally changed the meaning of that word, Mr. Robert Stone.

“Mr. Stone, what do you think when someone says that of you?”

“Well, Roland; you would know exactly what I think if you had a machine that could go back and see me answer that the first time it was asked; and then the rest of the times it would sound just like the answer I just gave you.

“But, you don’t have one of those machines! I own them all!”

Stone then continues:

“If ever a corporation or whomever wants to retrieve that information all they need to do is have us poke a hole in time and go back to the pre-destructive viewing and they can glean whatever information they want from that. So, since we are the only company that can provide this service, corporations and governments are somewhat beholden to us. Our process is protected less by the laws of man and more by the threat of mutual destruction. Our clients watch our backs as we watch their secrets.”

“And then there is the famous ‘Stone Stamp’, won’t you tell our viewers about that?” Roland thunders.

“Certainly. We decided from the first that there had to be a way to verify the images as ones generated by us as opposed to ones generated by alternate sources. As your viewers will understand, many archival films have had many owners of the truth; and that truth had come under the director’s instructions. Whether the image is cropped or the focal length is adjusted, the lighting is altered to create the mood or if the whole thing is just staged, the archival film is important historically for what it tell us about what the perception and the projection of the truth was. Our records are untarnished by the varnish that gave a shellacking to the true history.”

“We have seen you do some pretty strange things, Mr. Stone!”

“Keep in mind that, to date, I’ve done some ge,000 of these events. Many are document shoots that we run in rapid succession. We have 120 portals that we can set up on locations. I am at a single location and my harness is tethered to all shots. I am fed the data in real time from each shoot, one after the next. It might take four hours to run through one hundred and twenty events at two minutes per event. Given the parameters and given that I am essentially dreaming for four straight hours it is inevitable that those looking can find some hilarious snippets. But, most are fairly mundane, and most important is that all are unique.”

“Look, Roland, we learned from the age of the internet that when we give people the power to create their own content it always comes down to the same thing it always has. All anybody is ultimately interested in is themselves! You remember those days when everyone had a blog and everyone spent all of their free time talking about their own self? Complete with self portraits as if them being in the picture of the Eifel Tower makes the Tower look better!

“If we unleashed this product on this public they would be interested in one thing, themselves! The natural progression of that is that eventually all of their past images would be of themselves watching themselves watch themselves actually do something.

Ultimately, people are much happier if someone provides them with content. They are more contented with content shall we say?”

“You’ve done a number of projects, what has been your strangest experience?”

“I’m perfectly willing to lie to you, but, I don’t have to. What we are working on right now is the strangest thing I’ve ever seen!

We’re working on the Kennedy Assassination from back in NiketeenSaxtyge. We went to Dallas and we set up our arrays in several different locations. We have the largest over Dealy Plaza, a second one over the so called ‘Grassy Knoll’ another on the book repository.

Your viewers will want to tune into this exciting story as we carry it live! The Assassination of President John F Kennedy! Everyone will always remember where they were the first time they saw Kennedy get shot, LIVE!”

“Well there you have it ladies and gentlemen, be sure to be there when President Kennedy gets fatally shot, LIVE! Will this finally answer the questions? Or will the truth be stranger still? Tune in and see!”

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