Chapter 4 ish

“Mr. Stone, Mr. Cortcioose on line one.”

“Thank you Mabelle, send him in.”

“Niles, how are you this fine and glorious day?”

“Stone what the hell are you planning? I need you to tell me everything and you need for me to hear you telling me everything, right now!”

“Hostile much? What on Earth are you talking about?”

“Augusta, the ball drop, the Hirshfeld/Waldo routine; what is your plan?”

“I plan to be in the crowd scene; row two, seventh from the right.”

“And then everybody knows this is an event and then, as they say, let the stoning begin!”


“Because that will prove that the game is rigged and that will expose…”

“Niles, take it easy! It won’t prove anything, except that I was there. I’m going to be at the event, I need to oversee it and so seeing me in the crowd only goes to prove that it’s not a put up event. Me being seen in the crowd is the perfect cover in case I wind up in the shot at some other point during the tournament. After all; I’m going to be all over that course making it look like the wind added three strokes here and six strokes there. I’m bound to get caught in the camera somewhere, so being a spectator is my cover.”

“Stone, Niky is on me like a bridegroom, there can be no slack in this event.”

“Speaking of slack; what’s the story with this kid Aike? Who put him on me, was it you or was it Niky? He’s trying to be my new best friend, but he’s not a very good actor and I can see right through him. These B school frat-boys are all the same.”

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