Chapter 3 ish


Stone inserts myself into all his stitials, it’s a very widely known well kept secret known by only a vey few of everybody in the industry. So when he … He’s dealing with a company suspiciously named GE.

“We run our business based on the idea of the Three Card Monte. So we built a vault based on it!
This vault is built into the base of a mountain; an old diamond mine in the heart of Queensland.
Each container has three decoy containers and the decoy containers contain false documents that are indistinguishable from the original except that the information on the document is fatally flawed.
The containers are constantly moving through a randomly generated three dimensional grid so that there is no way to track where the container with the original document is. There is no human way to tell which document is in which container.”

“What kind of documents are in these containers?”

“Top secret stuff. The recipe for Coca Cola. The Dart process for making ‘insulating food and beverage conveyance units’ they get all bent when you call them Styrofoam cups. The four versions of how Kennedy was shot, each version has its own container and decoy containers. The Eleven Herbs and Spices, I’ll give you a hint on that one, there’s really only six! Exxon’s recipe for crude oil, trash to crude in three years!
There are top secret documents in there that belong to every major corporation and government on the planet! They pay us a handsome price to lease space in our vault.”

“So what’s the problem?”

“The vault is controlled by a Cray supercomputer that we modified ourselves with a self- destruct sequence that will freeze all containers in their then current configuration.  At that time each container will, because it has ceased forward motion, begin to mix the contents of two vials into a third vial. Would you like to guess what is in the third vial?”

“Well, considering how Wily E. Coyote this setup sounds; I’m figuring TNT.”

“RYA! Right you are, my friend. The TNT just sits there unless someone disturbs it. But if someone or something does disturb it… boom. The document in the container is destroyed. As the container explodes, it disturbs the containers around it and our game of Three Card Monte folds in on itself and we’re around the corner quicker than a cop can say ‘hey, you there!’

The system is password protected so if the sequence is legitimately stopped it can be reset as the third vial has a drain and the two vials above can be refilled by containers that pivot when the container starts to move again thus filling the vials that remain full while the container is in motion.”

“So the thing is stopped?”

“No, it’s going.”

“Then what’s the problem?”

“We needed a ‘Fail Safe’…”

“I can see this one from here!” “So can I. So can everyone!” “That’s why it’s going to be funny; because everyone is going to think they thought of it too!”
“…just in case someone decided to blackmail us, or greenmail us or proxy fight our executive compensation plan.
If the vault stops working then digital copies of all the original documents are instantaneously pushed to every electronic device GE has made, for years we have secretly included memory capability into our electronics.
GE memory has a top secret five tone sequence that it constantly monitors for. When they receive that tone sequence, through whatever wiring they are connected to, they record the message that follows.
All of the secrets will be out. The threat of that eventuality is such that every major corporation and government is keenly attuned to any threats to GE and they respond with concerted and aggressive alacrity to protect our, and therefore their interests.”

“Five tone sequence, Top Secret! No wonder I have to reprogram my coffee maker and my toaster and my microwave oven and all my other gadgets every time I watch Close Encounters of the Third Kind!
That is some set of GEeks you have in your engineering department. I think it’s safe to say ‘they failed’.”

“Not where I thought he was going to go!” “Me neither, I think he chickened out!” “He played it safe; Fail Safe.”

“GEeorge, I still don’t know what the problem is”

“We forgot the password.”


“We forgot the password! What were we supposed to do, write it down on a piece of paper? And then what? Put it in a safe? So the world’s safest  vault in the history of history is only as safe as the safe we keep the password in?”

“Can’t you run one of those hacking progr…. Hold on I have a text…”

“Come on Robert, do you really think that GE didn’t
Already try all that stuff before they came to
Offer you a ton of money?
Let’s move this along!”

“So if your clients find out they’ll sue you into the stone age, so naturally you came to see Stone.
“So what you want me to do is to interstitialize messages that will destroy the companies you do business with so that they won’t need the secrets they left you with. And you want me to destabilize the governments so that they won’t need those secrets anymore and you can collapse that failed safe!”


“I’ll do it!”

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