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Play into the story somewhat. GE takes a bit of a hit. But it’s satire and good natured, and I have respect and admiration for all of them.



None of these guys are as of yet paying me for the Interstitial which this site is, albeit not primarily. But it is my intention that by creating these links, their very excellent legal teams will talk to the boys in marketing and say, “Yeah, not only let’s not sue this S.O.B. till he’s selling pencils for us. Let’s pay him for the mention. Interstitials, huh, we were working on that, anyway!”

I’m adding them as I notice them. Some I have less respect for than the ones listed above.


Do you notice that it says “Omega Millions?” Which is true, because that will be the last time millions

will see that $2! meanwhile, if you do win, that is the last anybody who knows you today will ever see you! I think I’m funny, anyway!


That’s a mouse I don’t want to be on the wrong side of!

Here is the page that Alyeti got for me. It is the link to the donation page for Wikipedia. Now I just have to remember how I log the linkin’.


Woot woot. Go me! And now I can make those Wiki references hotlink to the donation page. I should contact Wiki and maybe get an AuthorPenDraggin page added to their pedia.

Who else was I looking at for this page?


Wasn’t quite looking for this but it’s also a twofer.

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Al Yeti ad add as per Alex:

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(Note from Alex: Add links to products in story, Don’t forget to promote the idea so readers will look, understand the bit.)

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