Tree Watcher

This is a painting by Robert Hacunda. He is my life long friend. He and I were born one year apart. Painting has been his passion since he was around 10 if I remember correctly (how far off could I be?)

The thing about Hacunda is that more often than not, his paintings contain images that he was not aware of. In this particular case see the upper right hand quadrant of the painting? Do you see the cat looking directly at the tree? Just the head of the cat and cut off above the eyebrows.

(See much more of this artist’s work here.)

Ok, certainly seeing shapes in the clouds has been part of the human experience from the beginning of time. None of us have a factual way of knowing, but that won’t stop me from opining that it was shapes in the clouds that formed the basis of religion, and more importantly, representational drawings.

The other day I was watching the NASA channel as the satellite zooms around the Earth. It’s like you are sitting on a satellite, as it circles the entire Earth in about 45 minutes! We live in an amazing age. And Earth, from that perspective looks like a mess! Continent’s crashing into each other creating the Himalayas which look like they need someone to sweep this mess up.

I noticed that flying over China, the clouds often looked like Chinese depictions of dragons, and I noticed how the clouds were effected by the topography below. China cuts clouds such that they look like the elements of Chinese style art.

It’s observational bias, of course, but you tune in the NASA channel some time,. Sit on the satellite and take a couple of spins around the planet. You look at those clouds and you tell me if there isn’t something to what I’m seeing.

Anyway, this picture inspired the dialog I’m about to share with you. The dialog helped me come to terms with my father’s passing.

This is a dialog between the cat and the author, standing on the other side of the tree.

Tree Watcher

“Tree watcher!”


“Tree watcher, please answer me.”


“Tree watcher I see you there, you came to me I didn’t come to you, you have something to say I have many things to ask, Tree watcher, please, speak with me.”

“Yes, I am here, what do you ask of me?”

“Well first I’d like to ask you your name.”

“Name? What need have I of a name? Names are for those with internal roots. I am here, I am not ever there. Names are only so you can be identified when you go there. But I never go, so if you are here and you are talking, you are talking to me, when you are there you are talking to someone else. I have no name. But if you need, you might call me Tree Spirit.”

“Tree Spirit? That’s my second question. What need does a tree have of a spirit?”

“You look at the equation from your perspective. But in your way you are right, the tree has no need of a spirit, the spirit has need of the tree.”


“Because the spirit is the other side of life.”

“So spirit is death?”

“No, well no more than tails is the dead part of a dime and heads is the life. No more than night is the death of day. Day isn’t dead, it’s just someplace else. All that you see, all that you know is simply the vibration of energy from positive to negative to positive, all things are the interplay of the two sides that make the whole.”

“I can see that.”

“And yet you don’t see that spirit and being are just two sides of that same.”

“So what does it mean to a spirit when the tree dies?”

“To understand that you must first understand spirit better. Here’s a question for you, ‘What does your spirit look like?’”

“Well I assume it looks like me, I carry it with me wherever I go it fits within my body and it fills all the living space that I am. Is that right?”

“Ok, now look at me again, what am I in relation to the tree?”

“You’re much bigger.”

“I’ll tell you the reason for that. I grow each day as my tree body nourishes me..”

“What do you mean ‘nourishes’ you?”

“Good question. We’ll get into this later but for now understand that the spirit’s desire is to grow, and life’s desire is to create life. As life creates life, spirit grows. The tree, your body and the bodies of all organic things are the physical tools that process this Earth into life and spirit.”

“Do you mean to say ‘spirit’ or ‘spirits’?”

“I mean to say both and neither, you’re getting ahead of me. You asked the question, what happens when my tree dies. Up until lately trees created life for hundreds of years, and if they fell or were felled they would fall to the floor of the forest and would slowly morph into other life. Moss, bacteria, insects, birds, they all took a little piece of the tree and gave it new, different life. There was practically no delay in the transition from life to life. More recently, trees take longer to transform. Often men use the wood from trees to build shelter; and boxes, and paper: and books of the paper; and shelves to put the books on; and coffee tables to present the books on, the list of things goes on and on. But eventually, all wood returns to the soil all wood passes it’s life on to the next life, and with it, the other side of the same, spirit.”

“So the spirit is reincarnated?”

“It was never disincarnate. Look at me, look at my tree, what do you see?”

“I see leaves, I see shade, I see roots, I see bark.”

“What you see is the cooperation of a million million life.”

“Do you mean ‘life’ or ‘lives’?”

“I mean both and I mean neither. I mean that the blade of grass that was laid down by the winter cold ten autumns ago is nourishing the tree with its energy. As tree takes the energy, the spirit of the blade of grass becomes part of the spirit of the tree. I grow more each day as my tree incorporates more and more life. So do you, so does your spirit.”

“So my spirit is much bigger than I am?”

“This answer, like everything else has two sides. Yes, your spirit is bigger than you and no, because your spirit is not yours alone.”

“God owns my spirit?”

“Again, there is yes and no to that answer. Remember that spirit is the other side of life as long as there is life there is spirit. Remember that all things are a result of the vibration of energy; remember that the looser the connection of the energy the tighter the connection of the resultant manifestation; that which is called matter. Water, for an example is formed because of a loose connection in the energy that forms oxygen, that looseness allows hydrogen to bond with the oxygen, forming water. My tree is a very simple being there are but four specialized processors that make it. But each of the four processors are essentially the same; a walled room where a collective of miniscule lifes work together to maintain their existence. You call them cells. Each part of each cell has life, and so each part of each cell has spirit. The combined spirit of the cell combines with the combined spirit of the rest of the cells and so I grow and I grow just the same as the tree grows.”

“Wait a minute… Is life finite of infinite?”

“There is no such thing as infinite, I know you can’t see that, because men tend to use the very concept of endlessness as an endpoint, ‘Infinity plus 1!’ Since there can be no such thing as ‘infinity plus 1’ neither can there be such a thing as ‘infinity minus 1.’ The reason you can’t add or subtract one from infinity is that infinity doesn’t exist. But since you are a being of words you’ve invented a word for something that doesn’t exist, and you are willing to believe that the infinity exists because there is a word for it. This Earth has the potential for incalculable life. Life absorbs the mineral world and brings it to life: Life absorbs the energy of the sun and adds it to the living. At some point it would seem that eventually life will have transformed all of Earth’s matter into living matter, and so life is finite. But that eventuality is so far removed from our reality that it makes little sense to try to project to it. But this is why life is spread around the earth, in order to develop new ways to thrive.”

“So there is a plan? A design?”

“Not a plan, not a design, there is no intent. Life lives, it has nothing else to do. If you spill a glass of milk, the spilt milk can’t decide to do something else. Just as once milk is spilt it must stay spilt. So too, once life is created, it must stay created, and in the process, it creates more life, which must stay created as well. Life grows upon itself and cannot stop doing so. In that process, more and more complex combinations of lifes join together for their common existence.”

“So that sort of answers the question about where the souls come from. I used to wonder as a boy how reincarnation could work because there were so many more people here today than there ever where, so where’d the extra souls come from.”

“ Yes… and no… First off we already talked about how life never dies, but just changes form, and then there is trouble with your math in that the growth of life is much more rapid than the growth of living beings. This is why beings become much more complex, much more living in a much more compact space. Your spirit, were it just yours, would be larger than I am because of the number of lifes you encompass.”

“So you’re saying that God acts as a sort of spirit capacitor that regulates how much life is here at a time?”

“God is like Infinity, it’s a concept that puts finality to something that actually defines finalities’ opposite. We’ll talk more of this later as well.( Think about that for a moment, man, being a remarkably finite being undertakes to understand his differentness from nature. Nature appears to man to also be finite, and so in order for man’s creator to be different from nature, it must not be finite.) And so while you are wrong, you are on the right track.

Because you are complex, you are quick to pass. If my tree is a tranquil pond, you are roaring rivulet after a summer thunder storm, you are created fast, you grow fast, you die fast and you transform to other lives fast. What’s more your component lifes burn quickly too. You replace your cells completely every 7 years; my cells do no such thing. With this rapid turnover of lifes your spirit would be in constant turmoil. But, just as the myriad lifes that constitute you form a single being, so too do the spirits that form from your lifes join with the spirit of all life. At all times you are both yourself and you are part of the world’s spirit. You tend to interpret that experience as ‘Heaven’!”

“Do you experience ‘Heaven’?”

“Remember ‘the looser the connection the stronger the bond’ My connection is tightly bound with this tree, as a result, at this point in my existence, I am solitary, but at the same time I am a community, in all reality, there is no I, which is another reason ‘name’ means very little. From your perspective, I was once Dinosaur, I was once mammal, I was many times bird, and while I have no centralized memory of being any other one being, nor do I fear being a trillion parts of a million other beings in the tomorrows to come. Your connection to each other as beings is very loose, and as such your bond as a society is very strong.”

On another day the questions come fast:

“How does a spirit die? And what happens to it when it does?”

“First thing for you to understand about the Spirit is that there is no such thing as ‘A’ spirit. ‘A’ is a conceit of your perspective, or rather, your ego. Spirit does ‘die’ in fire. The fact is that fire is actually life, without spirit. All living is a form of combustion, but a very controlled form of it.”

“’Living,’ you say that in a way that I would have expected you to say ‘life,’ do you mean for them to be different?”

“Yes. Life by itself is extremely inert, it’s only as life combines with life that it becomes volatile. It’s only the desire to create life that causes the conflict which is conflagration. Do you see what I mean?”

“Yes, but please, you were talking about how I was wrong about ‘A’?”

“Right, we’ll get more into it later, but what is important to realize is that spirit is like a pond of water. While the water is in the pond the pond might go by the descriptor of ‘A Pond” but as the water comes away from the pond, whether by evaporation, or it overflows its banks, or if a bird flies away with a slaked thirst, or if you take a pail back with you, to water your flowers, you don’t consider the pail of water to be a pond. On the other branch; if you could scoop up a pail of spirit and walk away with it, you would then have spirit; what you would call ‘A Spirit.’ Spirit is made up of uncountable particles of spirit, like a pond is made up of countless drops of water. Each spirit, unlike a drop of the water in the pond is a spirit unto itself; but since the spirit’s desire is to grow, spirit joins with the spirit of the being its life is part of. A drop of water is not a pond of water, a “drop” of spirit, is ‘A’ spirit.

“Spirit stays with the larger spirit until the fire burns away the life which is its other side. Fire can break the bond that was used to turn mineral into life.”

“So, does spirit fear this state the way man fears death.”

“I can say that I don’t know, I can ask you if all of man fears death or just the ego of man. Do you think the cells that make up your bone marrow fear death? Of course; life’s desire is to create life and this desire seems to be at odds with death but is it really? Fire has broken the bond, but it has not altered the parts, all the parts of life are still there in the ashes, and those parts are more easily absorbed into living organisms and used to create new life and with it new spirit. If I had to guess I would say that it is time that frightens your ego, and time stops for the spirit between the moment when life ends and when it returns.

“Fire, is life without spirit, it is the energy that is life without the control mechanism of spirit. And just as there is a state of life without spirit, there is spirit without life. Spirit cannot grow when there is fire and pieces of spirit scatter. The resultant ‘Free Spirit’ particles will tend to group together and then evaporate. Sometimes as like in times of cataclysmic natural disaster great numbers of particles gather. Remember, the looser the connection the stronger the bond. It has happened that particles have bonded so tightly as to be manifest as matter.”

“I have a question to ask about that, but before I do I need to ask you about this. Am I correct to say that you manifest yourself in this picture?”

“Yes. I chose this opportunity to open a portal of communication between us, just as you and your spirit chose to recognize the opportunity and took advantage of it.”

“Why then do you project yourself to look like a cat?”

“Why do you project yourself to look like a man?”

“I don’t project myself to look this way; this is the way I look.”

“So why must you assume I’m any different? Ask yourself, ‘Why does a cat look so much like a tree spirit?’ The cat is the embodiment of the spirit, not only in the physical sense, also in action. A cat’s only concern is its own physical growth, the cat will do only what is required to maintain its relationship with its sources of nourishment. When a cat needs you, the cat loves you; beyond that, you are on your own. The cat’s physical DNA was, long ago, influenced by the ‘Free Spirit Matter’ I was telling you about.”

“What happens if man destroys the Earth”

“What do you mean by ‘destroys?’ It sounds as though you are indulging in finality again. Is there a way that you can burn the entire earth down to the bedrock and at the same time evaporate all the water and burn all of the lifes that exist there? That’s a remarkably tall order. If you somehow disrupt the gravity of the planet and send the resultant particles throughout the Solar System, life and spirit would be there. Remember, the spirits desire is to grow, and life’s desire is to create life: Wherever life/spirit touch down eventually it will morph the material it rests upon into a new life and that life will add to spirit. It may start at a level that is far below what you can perceive of or even conceive of as alive, but it is, at an atomic level it is alive, and that live will continue to compound and compound; life creating lifes and as it does spirit grows.”

“Well, what happens if man makes the planet inhospitable for mankind?”

“The answer, while always the same, changes as man progresses.

“Man is, in many ways the most successful tool life has ever produced for its purposes. Never has there been a being that can turn life as quickly as man. Man devours Earth and transforms it to life at an amazing rate. And his actions quicken the pace of life for other living beings. For example: this spot where my tree is standing, before man it was crowded with trees, each one slowly processing soil and sunlight. Trees grow to a height and then stop growing. They make leaves, they lose leaves, they make leaves they lose leaves. Since man, the trees are gone, and in their place, grass, which processes so much more sunlight and mineral than trees do. Then there is the vineyard. Before man the grape vine grew and produced enough fruit to attract some birds and some deer and bears. With man and his manipulation of water and fertilizer and sunlight the grapevine produces much more fruit, which is much more life. Man then processes the grapes in ways that accelerate the rate at which the life morphs, or joins other life.

“But man’s success is what puts man at the point of destruction. Man creates so much life that life itself will need to become even more complex to continue having room to create.

“First there was the ocean, just the ocean. On every surface beneath the water life was combining matter and energy. Atoms of life were everywhere, they bumped into each other, they crowded each other until there was no space between them, and yet the creation continued. Spirit particles sparkled and joined, only to be torn apart as life jostled from place to place. When there was no more place to jostle spirit joined and so did life. Spirit incited the practice of cooperation. While life’s only desire is to create life, spirit’s desire is to grow, and spirit grows by spirit joining with spirit. As spirit joins spirit there is an intensification of desire. First there was the growth of spirit as life absorbed the life around it, thus arithmetically increasing the ‘size’ of spirit. Remember what I said, that spirit contains the memory of life and it is that collective memory that forms the ‘consciousnesses’ of spirit. Keep in mind that we are still talking about the minutest particles of life and spirit, far below what is perceived by man today. But time is only important to those who view an end point, Growth of life continued at an arithmetic pace, but growth of spirit progressed at a geometric rate; the desire to grow compounds, this compels the life to combine with life. Life grew more complex, from atoms to molecules, and so there was room for more life.

“That is the cycle; life creates more and more complex life as the space demands. Once life is created, it stays created, and even if it is destroyed in fire, it is very soon rejoined with life. “

“Wait a second are you talking about evolution here?”

“In a sense I am, yes; because, eventually, life developed a being that was complex enough to be an individual. Before this one life ingested this and excreted that, another ingested that and excreted this. They were perfect for each other, except that the ebb and flow of the oceans would break them apart. However, in the eddies, lifes joined and their combined waste formed a cloth like surround that allowed the water to flow through, bringing nutrients they needed but not the turbulence that broke the cooperative lives within, apart. This community could absorb the matter around itself and it could transform that matter such that it could replicate a being just like itself.”

“Ah, but then why is there such a diversity of life on the planet today?”

“Good question, but before I answer it let me say that this is not a discussion that devolves into an ‘I’m right, therefore you are wrong’ dichotomy. How many times have I seen people sit beneath the branches of my tree and waste a perfectly lovely afternoon debating a far off war, or the impossibility of life on other planets, or the strategies of rekindling a love now lost: ‘Infinity plus one.’ I have no need of convincing you right or wrong, nor have I any motivation to steer you hence or thus. My desire is to grow, and grow I shall, regardless. And it is that desire that drives the diversity, which, by the way is not nearly as diverse as you might think from looking at it, that you ask about.

“We go back to the self replicating being. It was so enormously successful in its mission to create life by replicating itself that it was the eventual consequence that the ocean was filled with the creature, and the problem with this situation is that the very act of absorbing matter became problematic. Up until this point the ocean itself flowed between the beings and brought the matter to them, but as the being now filled the ocean, the ocean had no ability to flow between, there was no ‘between’. Those beings ‘died’ and as they fell they were absorbed into the living beings, they morphed into more complex beings ones with the ability to turn light and carbon into nutrition.

“‘Soon’ isn’t the right word, but it will do for now; soon the ocean was green…Too green. There was no sunlight that got below the surface of the ocean and the greens forced below by the action of the waves, ‘died’. They fell to the floor of the ocean where the original matter changers absorbed them, thus becoming that much more complex, that much more rapidly. The spirit cooperation had created a being that was big enough to break through the green and could further cooperate so that they joined together in a community which allowed them to withstand the waves and stay atop the water.

“You can see what is coming… The entire ocean was covered with a mat of green slime. And life had no place to replicate to. If life replicated, it immediately died in that one side of the replicated being was left without access to sunlight. Below the slime lifes filled the ocean with voracious cells which attached themselves to the bottom of the slime. These cells absorbed enough of the slime to stay alive, but not so much as to kill their host. Spirit was combined as the life was passed from the one to the other. Spirit grew.

“Life had hit its total saturation above and below the surface.

“The very act of having joined offered the solution. Exist on land. And so on the wet beaches, as the slime and its parasitic passenger washed up on shore three things happened. One: the lower life converted the matter on shore into life which flowed to the green slime. Two: The lower life adapted to having less water by growing down into the wet sand. Three: Life outgrew the environment. But life’s desire is to create life and spirit’s desire is to grow, and so, because spirit didn’t easily to disjoin the disparate lifes it created a being, such that the slime and the lower life cooperated so that some life supported the greater being. The root was ‘invented.’ And not much has really changed since then.

“You know the path the rest of this story takes, but the central theme is that as life compounds, its processor becomes more complex. Man is complex, man processes life, there will come a time when the amount of life man has created will blot out life’s ability to continue to create life. A new being will arise. Perhaps one that is very much like man but can process sunlight and carbon into life itself will be the next phase, perhaps eliminating the need for man to use up the space required to grow life for man to absorb. Perhaps man’s root system will adapt to a more direct transformation of matter into life. I don’t know, but what will happen is there will need to be more life in the same space, this is the next phase of life/spirit evolution.”

“But what becomes of man?”

“’What becomes of man?’ There is no such thing as ‘Man.’ Your lifes are made of the particles of lifes going back to the very beginning. Once life is made, it must remain. ‘You’ are a collection of a billion billion lifes. ‘You’ have coalesced a single consciousness because it serves the purposes of life’s and spirit’s desire. But that consciousness is not a culmination of the ‘thoughts’ of the individual cell lifes that comprise ’You.’ As I said before, I have no nostalgia for being a dinosaur- nor do you for that matter. The spirit that was of the dinosaur has become parts of thousands of millions of spirits both where the dinosaur fell and the parts of the lifes that were carried away as dinosaur has osmosed around the globe.”

“Why can’t I accept this?”

“Because, you are the culmination of millions of iterations of lifes.”

“So it’s not my fault that I’m dumb?”

“’Fault?’ Fault implies ‘right and wrong’ which begs the question (by which I mean it assumes the existence of) ‘Good and Evil’.”

“What? Wait a second, how did we get here?”

“You are worried about man’s place in the history of life. This is because of two natural consequences of the growing complexity of life. One is that nagging dependence on the defining of an end point, and the second is the growth in the complexity of the consciousness. “

“Back to the ocean?”

“Back to the ocean: Remember when we were looking at the very first matter changers? The question comes up, ‘Why?’ and the answer is as simple and as mysterious as that other revelation helped along by a tree, gravity. Why is there gravity? What ‘IS’ gravity anyway? Just like the question can be asked ‘What’ is energy, and which comes first: Gravity or Energy. Are they the same thing? And what of mathematics?  And then there is Light, and why does it travel? Does gravity make light energy travel? It can make it stop travelling. Life is just the same. Life is a potential energy constantly forcing itself to become kinetic. Life the energy interacts very well with carbon, it excites carbon, impels it to join with other atoms. Just like gravity does.”

“So you’re saying that there is no design, and that all of this is just an accident?”

“You’re asking a whole lot of questions in a small space there. Yes: It’s all an ‘accident,’ and yes: It’s all ‘designed.’  Life and spirit have both evolved, In point of fact it is spirit that has lead life in evolving, remember in the ocean that first it was spirit that combined, and then that combination lead to life combining. Spirit developed consciousness and intent due to the growth it experienced as life replicated itself. At the same time it can be truthfully said that life grew and replicated its more and more complex self  as and because of spirit’s developing consciousness and intent.

“Is there design at work here? Yes. Is it ‘God’ doing the designing? Yes, but only in the sense that ‘God’ is not a finite quantity or quality. Spirit guides evolution, while evolution guides spirit.”

“So if the spirit has consciousness, does that mean that the conscious survives the morph from life form to life form?”

“Yes, absolutely, and no absolutely not!

“Think of the leaves on my tree. Comes spring, they burst through the buds and start to grow and replicate themselves. They add to my size as they should. Picture each leaf adding a particle of spirit the size of an iota of dust to my size. As the leaf grows, so does the size of the piece of dust. The piece of dust is truly a part of ‘me’, it experiences ‘my’ consciousness and it nourishes me. But alas, autumn comes; leaf falls and begins the process of morphing into the life around it. Spirit is the other side of life; I am diminished by the piece of dust. One million microbes eat leaf, leaf spirit is absorbed into the microbe’s spirit , Worm, germ and root eat microbe, now leaf spirit, joined with microbe spirit join with worm, germ or tree spirit. Leaf spirit is again part of ‘me’ but now it is one ten millionth the piece of dust that was once before part of ‘me’. Each of those pieces carry within them the consciousness of they shared with me before. But that conscious is of no consequence to them because ‘Past, Present, and Future’ are only of concern to those obsessed with ‘finite and infinity’; with God and Heaven as ultimate reward for mortal souls.”

“Wait! You said ‘soul!’ Is that what a spirit is? A soul?”

“Ideas are in books, but are books an idea? The answer is ‘No, and Yes.’ There are many more ideas than there are books and no book is capable of encompassing all ideas, But yes, books are one idea. They are one way of communicating, but they are not the only way, this conversation we’re having being an example of alternate communications. What’s more, a single book can contain many ideas, and many fragments of ideas. Books can be self important. A spirit is made up of many consciousnesses, some complete, some fragmented. When a spirit has both a consciousness and a sense of self importance, that’s what a soul is!”

“By ‘sense of self importance’ you refer to the ‘ego’? What does ego have to do with anything?”

“Remember I said that names are for those with internal roots? Ego and name is almost the same thing. When a being has external roots, that being has no need to know who or what or where they are. It has no regrets about the past and no apprehension for the future because it has been here through uncounted metamorphoses.

It is only when a being’s roots are on the inside…”

“Ok, what does that mean? ‘Roots are inside’?”

“Think back to where I mentioned things haven’t changed much since the very first plants developed roots? Remember when I said that life is not nearly as ‘diverse’ as one might think from looking around? This is what I mean. Let’s not go too far down this path, but picture in your mind the first matter changers, whatever they touched would eventually be turned into life, but it was the contact that initiated the bond. As single celled beings, life got it’s nourishment by surrounding that nourishment and absorbing it. With the advent of the root, nourishment could be collected at one side of the being and delivered to the other side thereby benefitting both sides. As plants became more complex, nutrition flowed both ways, roots carried water and minerals up the trunk and leaves used the water, the sunlight and the carbon in the air to create the sugar that the tree trunk needed to grow. You have the same system, but only it is internalized, you must bring your minerals in through your mouth. Your oxygen is pulled into your lungs, which act in the same way as leaves do; absorbing the gases the being needs and expelling the ones the body wants to be rid of. Essentially, you have two sacks with which you can carry your nourishment about with you. Your root system otherwise known as your blood stream, connects to these sacks. All of your nourishment flows through your root system to feed and provide oxygen for the billions of lifes that go towards supporting your primary purpose.”

“Ok, so, ‘ego?’”

“Without enough of the right thing to put into your sacks, your being will die. You can find yourself in a situation that puts your survival as questionable, at best. Internally rooted beings absolutely need to be able to choose; externally rooted beings don’t.  All lifes must consume but internally rooted beings can and do pursue that which they consume. My tree’s roots grow, but their process of ingestion is much more akin to invitation than to aggression.”

“Is it ‘right’ for internally rooted beings to kill other life to sustain their own?”

“We need to go back for a second helping here. We’re back at the consciousness of the spirit. It’s one thing for me to say that a leaf’s spirit is added to my own as a mote of dust adds to the cloud of a tornado, but it is a whole different thing when we’re talking about the beginning. At the spark of life and the creation of new spirit, the new spirit has no consciousness of a past, it didn’t have one, but when spirit combined with spirit, now there were two and when those two morphed as life was absorbed by life, now there were three, or four, or more. Each addition is not the speck of dust but a significant portion of the whole. As equal absorbed equal, the ‘question’ arose, ‘who are you to absorb my life?’ and the answer came as naturally, ‘we are spirit, it is our desire to grow.’ The desire of the spirit to grow is the justification for providing the lifes with the tools for continued living. This is the very beginning of ego. Every life has it. It shows itself in what is observed as ‘the survival instinct.’

“Mathematics are a force all of their own! You are a complex creature with trillions of lifes within you, each one knowing that their only ‘purpose’ is for the larger being to process more matter into life, thereby growing the spirit. Each life’s common goal adds up to a force that transcends consciousness, this force is ‘ego.’

“Now, in man‘s case, consciousness, infused with ego and ascribed to spirit equals ‘A’ soul. But spirit doesn’t work that way. Remember that your spirit joins with the larger collective of spirit, and remember that spirit is the collective of all the spirits of all the lifes that make up your being. Remember that yours is a pail from the pond. When your being ‘dies’ those separate life’s separate, so does that one consciousness that informed your being. Spirit separates. ‘Soul’ is only important while you are ‘alive.’”


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