Feed back I’m getting includes, “Complex site” and “I couldn’t figure out to go anywhere” So I’m hoping to help with that with this page.

You clicked on the link to get here. Good, you’re half way there. The objective here is to create as self contained universe. As such, links will help guide you through the various referenced material.

My favorite writer is Joseph Heller (not that I’m particularly wide read, or deeply) and one of my appreciations of Mr. Heller is that when he references a character he often refreshes your memory of who the heck Major Major Major is. Or what the mindset of the character is, for example when the pastor sees the naked man in the tree and he’s not sure if it is deja vu, presque vu or jamais vu. (Note from Alex, I said it before, I’ll say it again! You need to dream up a research assistant character!)

So, like when you hit that link, you see who Alex is. I remind you as Heller reminded us.

It might be a proper idea to make a table of contents page. Forget, might, it’s a good idea.

The design of the site, however makes a listing of topics that run across the top of the page (on a monitor screen, phone screen is different, I’ll get to that).

So if you hover your curser over a topic, for example Authoritis and Detritus  you’ll see the subcategory “Summer 2016” from there you’ll see a drop down of subtopics, some sub topics also have sub topics for example “June” has “Mid June.”

You can click the topics or you can click the headings. If you click the topic you will be brought to that page and you can select the headings from there (better way of doing it)

There is content on all three of those pages, so clicking any one page will bring you directly to that page. Links (aside from the header links) will open in a new tab, so it won’t disturb where you are to go to the informational page. I don’t know that I won’t be putting Links on the main pages of each category. I find, after using them that the drop down method is cumbersome, myself.

On a cell phone look for the three stacked bars in the upper right (?) corner. They are to represent the concept of a menu. Touch it and you’ll have access.

Also. There is content that is only available to Members. To become a member you’ll need to click the Member Services button on the top of the screen  and create a free membership.  Then, after you’re approved for membership you’ll receive an email at the address you provide which will contain your link (I know, it’s kind of like “Wait for the beep.” on an answering machine. But if you don’t say that, you’d be amazed how many people start talking right away and you miss the beginning of their message).

Free Membership allows you to read more material than being a  Lurker does. But it doesn’t let you read the story and do the fun stuff like enter contests and vote on favorites and add your voice to the story, and possibly make money from your work. For that you’ll need to become a Premium Member.

Unlike many writer sites, this is a one time deal. You pay to become a member and then you are a member. No monthly dues, no annual renewal. You bought a book, and now it’s yours and you can scrawl in the margins to make it a better book. And if people want to read what you put into your margins, they’ll have to pay you to do so.

What’s not to like?


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