Contest 3

First, read the description of Al Batross.

You see that Al Cyone believes that he uses Al Bedo to manipulate Al Batross. You also see that Al Batross may well be the puppet master of the situation.

This contest is to create a scenario that illustrates the dynamic.

It is up to you as to which is levering what. Is Al Bedo a perfect reflector? Or is he akin to the mirror in the bar in Chapter 1?

It is up to you as to what the confrontation is about. If it is external, as in having to do with the “host.” Or internal, as in having to do with a decision specific to the Als.

Perhaps there is a fight over the math of a design change. Perhaps it involves a love of the “host” and the ethics surrounding the pain that the change will cause the “host.”

Maybe they are just fighting for the heck of it. Maybe it is what passes for a sport among the disembodied. Nearly any competition (football, baseball, hockey, soccer, horse racing, cricket, ping pong, croquet…) can be used for an analog. Maybe they aren’t fighting at all but are working together to overcome a completely different Al.

Use any number of the Als you want (but please make sure that they follow the dictates of their class. They’re not exactly the “Three Laws of Robotics” but if our ultimate goal is to “understand” then we’ll want to try to work within the parameters. Cuts down on the variables and the free radicals, don’cha Gno.) and/or introduce Als of your own, but the main characters of your entry will “need” to be Al Batross, Al Cyone and Al Bedo.

General Contest Rules

Community Creativity.