I call him Niles, but his “real” name is Nile.

At least, that’s his name as long as he works for Nike (Note to Alyeti: Find the method for making the swoosh symbol both a character and a link to Nike’s webpage. Sooner rather than later. Same for GE.)

Poor Niles is the head of promotion at Nike which isn’t as great as it seems given the portion of the body they are most concerned with. But it is a big job and Nilesis a guy with at least one strike against him.

Niles is the guy who OK’ed the plans to go ahead with the “Shoot The Moon” idea, where they shot the swoosh across the face of the moon with lasers. Branding the moon with their brand as it were.

You’ll be happy to read that it was a disaster. The result of which being that his department needed something BIG to get them out of the hole their laser blasted onto the face of the Moon.

This is why he hires Stone. This is why he attaches Aike to Stone

It’s also why he’s attached to the rest of the story.

[Note to Alex: It would be a good idea to  classify the characters in the way that the Als are.  Identify which characteristics are in the character, in the process clarifying the strategies in the games that the Als awake while they watch your boring life go by.

It also reinforces the conceptualization of them as taking a ride on  the good ship HEAD. And they have adapted to the constant movement .

While I’m here and my link is green (I knew when I wrote it that something was going to go wrong.) Imagine a future, not far off when we graft the chlorophyll into our DNA. We would be green and never have to eat again! No need for farmland at all. …

Wait for it… Wait… We’d never need to breath either. Our blood would be pumped between your outer shell and your inner body. Your animal will exhale carbon dioxide, your plant parts will inhale CO2 and exhale the oxygen that your animal needs. With a carbon cookie to feed the animal.

Note from Alex: Work on it. Sounds good.

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