CH being indicative of being named for a company or organization.

CHarles and the other CHs are affiliated with the God Squad.

I have to admit to you here that this story doesn’t turn out well for Organized Religion. Although it does turn out really well for … for…

It turns out well for US.

It turns out that we writers are the stars of the “Jesus” story.

It turns out REALLY well for us.

If you are not one of “us” you probably have stopped reading this long ago. You probably never will  make it out of the 1st age. You haven’t made the transition from the 3rd age to the 4th (Al Yeti, don’t forget to change that when we transition to live).

Charles and the others God Squad characters speak in a Dark Olive hue, which works, given the Mount of Olives and what not.


Community Creativity.