Here, here’s a picture sorta what Alex looks like but Alex has more hair and he’s not so old and his features are still a little bit sharper.


Here’s what we’re going to try here. We’re going to make a hidden post, but it will be one that we will hyperlink When we need to explain a character, for example.

Now, This is Alex. Alex is my Editor.  He is one of the Als,  (note from Alex: I took out the link to the listing of the Als. Why have a hidden list and then put it someplace where everybody can get it? Let them find them as they find them.) the Als are characters in my book. Once I get to that point I will hyperlink them from one of the above (maybe both, who knows) Als. Everybody who is one of those characters is Al*** Not particularly dissimilar to (Note to self, It might also be a good idea to create a post for each of my writing peccadilloes like putting “Dis” in for “Mis” when I’m trying to show Intent. While I’m on the subject, a specific font for sarcasm is an idea worth looking at. Oh, and dissimilar isn’t one of those “Dis for Mis” instances, but “Missimilar” might be, if ever I come up with a circumstance where it makes some semblance of sense.)  the John in front of everyone’s name in Buckaroo Bonsai.   Except “Al” means “the” in Arabic. And Ex is short for excisior so The name fits the character. How Dickensian of me!

Alex intrudes on my writing “in real time.” The problem with real time is that Alex doesn’t believe in the reality of time in the first place. So by the time I type it, Alex may have already changed what I wrote and then changed it back when I go back to reread it. (Note from Robert to Alex: I saw you took that link out. And I moved the link in the Als character file. I just went through classifying and color coding the Als. I want them to be available to Pen Draggin. Plus the list has it’s own humor that won’t be appreciated without the list being visible.)(Note  from Alex: Fine, for now. But maybe the thing to do is to put the link to the list somewhere that only Premium Members can see it. How’s that for a compromise?) (From Robert: Like I thought of it myself.) (Note from Alex: That’s the objective.)

Alex is a friend, although as we get deeper into the story, it becomes clear that everything that Alex has done is exactly what a character who is the locus of a twisted turn in the story would do.

Do I know if he is? I know that it is pointless for me to try to determine that at this juncture, because if I do then the character will simply   stop cooperating. In Alex’s case, he’ll just go back and destroy the evidence. So what is the point? Let the truth out eventually and we’ll see.

As of now, though, Alex is a steady friend with a good sense of humor.

What I really could try here is to get a picture of a guy who looks like Alex. You know what? For free you can put up a guy who looks like Alex for you. And if you like, I can keep a page for you with his picture, and a picture of every character you want to have a picture of. Then, when you write your story, you can illustrate it with links to the character or pics of the character in your actual post.

He occurred to me to look like my uncle Billy Compton. (Which is not what the guy above looks like, a lot.)

Perhaps what you’ll want to do is to use pictures to tell your story. Perhaps you’ll use the picture as the stationery that your post is on. You’ll probably have to do that someplace else and bring it here, though. Post your picture of Alex in the comments section. I’ll see it and I’ll connect it to a page for you in. For free for the first 1,000 people who participate.

Community Creativity.