New way to swear

OK so now there’s a rule, it went from a joke to autocracy in like zip time flat.

I figured out a new way to swear and now I want it to be the rule for the posts and pages here.

W1o7 is a “bad” word.

W3o7 is da bomb.

W… Word


o… Of


The Seven words you can’t say on TeeVee. If you don’t know it you can click it, but they don’t like those words where you work either.

So if I say W1o7 I’m saying that first word, like: Holy W1o7!

And if I say W3o7, I’m saying what comes 3rd, like : Holy W3o7… What the W3o7 happened to you? You look W3o7ed up!

There’s work to be done here! These are 7 words that can be arranged  in dynamic fashions. Sure, “You’re a W1o7y W5o7” is straightforward and easily translatable. But what about number combinations like, “You’re a W1W5o7o7!”  Where it’s worse than that you are a W5o7 (assuming you take that to be an insult). And even worse that if you were a W5o7 and that you were W1o7y at it. In this case, it’s that the W1o7 was directly on the W5 you were o7ing on!

That’s a much better curse word!

So it is decreed. All cursing in Author Pendraggin shall be based upon that system!

Wow! I’m excited!

Community Creativity.