Funny Ha Ha? Or Funny Peculiar?

What if you got to Heaven and they told you you had a choice. You could take your chances between what was behind curtain #1 or curtain #2, or you could go back to Earth and live again?

I don’t know, what do you mean live again? The same life I lived? Would I know that I was reliving it so I could do it differently this time? Or is it the same life but I don’t know it? Or is it a different life? Is the life from the time I was living in or is it a life in the future? Or is a life from the past?

Can you tell me what’s behind the curtains?

You know what’s behind the curtains.

But can you tell me which…Do I get to choose, or is it already written which one I get?

Both. I’ll let you choose, but the fact is that, if you go to the one that is not for you, it’s going to seem like hell anyway. And if you go to the one that is right for you, it’ll seem like paradise to you.

But I can choose wrong?

You’re likely to. We enjoy irony up here, we like to say that it’s what puts the starch in our robes! A hahaha!

Are all the jokes that bad in Heaven?

Of course they are. How do you think we keep the Jews out, without violating the non discrimination laws?

But, seriously, time to choose. Which do you choose?

What did I choose last time?

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