Example 2

And when it comes to alas
Alick might make a miss as good asamile.

A luck being all you need for a lick of alas.
Albeit alas foils aluck from alick by keeping it behind alock.
Smart Aleck is never at aloss for alas.
Alack for Aleck, is alick which does turn into alock on aluck filled date. Why oh Y?!?!
Alice, alissome  creature, is alas with aless of alust which is aloss to the rest ofuss.



Alice is alas, albeit alissome creature with abundant allure, aless of alusty one, indeed aloss of floss for the rest ofuss, this Festivus.


It is better to have alas during times of alack of funds
Than not alack of funds at a times without alas.

Further, however:

Alas at alack of funds
will lead to
Alas, a less alas!
Alas, a left.
Alas and alack don’t mix!


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