The Pictures

Here is a listing of the pictures and what they are “about”

But let me say, first of all that they aren’t really about anything and that they’re likely to be changing over time, but we’ll endeavor to keep an archive here. They’re in no particular order.

 (S)He’s a Monarch Butterfly caterpillar, munching on the only thing they eat, a milkweed leaf. How does something so ugly as a caterpillar make for such a beautiful picture? I guess you don’t judge a cover by its book.

 This is lichen that is growing between the cedar planks of my picnic table. I have lots of shots like these from around the peninsula, so, I would imagine they’ll be popping up like lichen.


 This is a boat (Schooner?) that was sailing down the Kennebec river down stream from Bath, Maine. Sometime you just have to stop and take a picture.


 This one I like, not that I don’t like the other ones as well. This is a sideways image of the light post that You’ll see more of later. I had blue LED pods in it and took shots, of the interior of the trunk.


          I know it’s out of focus, I kind of like that about it. It is one of MANY sunset shots from the deck of the beach house. We tend to think that it is pretty special that we get ocean sunsets on the coast of Maine.


        I told you there were/are many. I like the seagull in this one. especially in that the clouds tend to echo the basic shape. As does the land. As does the sea. We’re more redundant than we like to think.


 These are me.

Jeffery, Kevin (just so as you know; if you got to here by following the link in chapter 1. It’s just so that you know that the Kevin mentioned there and this Kevin are different Kevins.)  and I instituted a pastime we dubbed DDD (Drinking in the Driveway in the Dark) and Jeffery, knowing how much I like to play with lights gave me the favors from his daughter’s wedding. Hilarity ensued.


        This is the light post I referred to above. Kevin, Jeffery and I saw that it was standing on the beach one day as we were closing the cottage. I was immediately struck by it’s potential as a light, and so we dug it out of the sand and planted it in front of the cottage. Several iterations of lighting have gone into it (rarely has it looked better than it did with just a couple of flashlights crammed into it) including the light from DDD above. I love this piece of wood. It’s probably cedar. Lord knows how far it drifted before it got to “my” beach.


 I don’t think I’ve used this one yet. But it is “in” my front yard back home. I just enjoyed the root snaking through the blanket of its leaves. I say “in” because it takes up that whole section of my tiny front yard.


“Watch the birdy, birdy.” This fine looking fellow got himself exhausted trying to fly out of one of my plate glass windows. So he was easy to catch. I let him go because he was worth twice as much in the bush. That’s what that means, right? See the grey post? That’s the lamp post from above. From above.

  Truth be told, I don’t know for absolute sure which way is “up” in this picture. I flipped it several times. It’s the Moon, in a light fog sort of night. It wasn’t until I put it up that I saw the fox in the sky. I’ll go with fox. Not a bad picture for a cell phone.


   Another Sunset! Can you blame me?


  I haven’t found a place to use this one yet. This is the lamp post in one of it’s earlier lighting experiments. In this one I set a dozen or so light pods inside the hollow and let their glow ooze out.  One of the things I like about this post is that it identifies the location without needing to illuminate the local. You don’t use this light to see something else. It’s not polluting the dark.


  I know, Spiders don’t hang that way. But for some reason the background looks so much better this way. I’m no big fan of spiders. But I will say that early morning in late Summer Maine is a sight to behold as you look at the electric/telephone wires and see the unnumbered spider webs in the morning dew. I’ll try to get pictures next time.


   Water Street in Bath, ME  I was enthralled by the clouds and the contrast to the beautiful blue sky. Except for the gigantic clouds!

 Not a Dandelion, MUCH bigger. They grow along my driveway in Maine. Even the locals say they have never seen them. It’s possible they just never noticed the beauty right around them. But then again. I’ve never seen them anywhere else either. There must be more. But I’ve not found them, and now I look. Here is a bit I wrote about them.
  On a foggy September night, this is what the campground entrance looks like from the other side of the mud flat. It’ll make a good header when I slot it in.





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