September Late Mid Month

Went for my walkabout again tonight.

Now, you see, I’m at the beach house. Have been for most of this month. Got here right at the end of Labor Day weekend (still I got myself a speeding ticket what kind of stupid do I have to be?) I have to admit, the thought that hurricane Herndon (what) was throwing some fierce assed waves at my backdoor.  I love to play in the waves! Love!

So when I saw the waves were coming, that’s why I got a speeding ticket.

But the house needs work and I do my own work. I’m not good at it. I’m not fast I’m not good at it. But it’s mine god damn it. It’s mine.

So I was putting on siding all day. Then, eventually it was tonight. Ham steak and eggs for dinner. Did I mention that I’m here by myself? It’s strange. I run my business by day and try to do this project after during and instead of.

At night I take a walk. I am loving the walks. First they were to find a little boy and his sense of wonder and amusement. Walking in the dune grass watching the  fireflies. One night I came upon him sitting right there. On the “porch step” to the old office. Where 16 year old girls seemed like the coolest Goddesses who benevolently ruled the world from their cloud. That 9 year old boy was sitting right there. In the 10 o.clock noon day sunshine of the Summer of Love. Plain as day that dark night some 39 years later.But there he was. The next day they came in and boarded that office up. The big glass front was and is now newly cedar shingled over. Good thing I got there when I did.
Then the walks were or the dogs. We acted like a pack and I learned how far I can trust them, and they found out how much they liked having a boss who paid attention to them. They’re not here either, they’re at home, acting up. Fining out how much they like it when there isn’t a boss around. My wife refuses to do the things she needs to do to make the dogs know it’s her house.

Then is was all about the stars. I stayed up for Persied Meteors. Anyway, stars.

Then it was about the bugs. Recording the soundscape with my cell phone. The variety of sounds, and how they change from week to week!

Tonight, it was about the wind. At the top of the dune (my beach house is in the sand dune. It’s the only one.)  I put an old Adirondack chair. Just the back I’ll have here to think about the front of the chair someday. But for now, wooden chair, sunken unevenly in the sand… it’s a throne. I sit there as though I am born Royal. I survey the heavens and observe the moon with binoculars. But tonight I walked down the dune onto the beach. (Did I mention that for a bit there it was about the moon? For example the nights when the moon illuminated the waves.)

The wind is forceful without being violent. The wind felt like walking into the ocean when there are good waves. Understand that I don’t go into the ocean without waves. For the most part anyway. The wind is like a very thin water. But it is coming in surges of intensity within an environment of constant forward pressure.

That, and the density thing are the two differences between wind and waves. When you’re in the waves and you’re going to ride one, what you want is for the waves to suck you into itself and you become part of the wave. And that happens when the wave bends before it breaks. The water acts like a solid and tries to maintain its share. But the bottom of the wave has tripped on the ground beneath it. The top of the wave is still going forward while the bottom has stopped. The folding wave sucks up all the water in front of it and that’s why it breaks. Wind doesn’t do that. It doesn’t need to take a breath to blow out you birthday candles. I guess air has enough trouble remembering to be like a liquid to get involved with acting like a solid too.

But walk down to the bottom of the beach, and flatten your back out. Here comes a good gust. Grabbit. Walk, easy the wind picks up 15=20pounds as you’re soaring up the beach. You’re body surfing the wind! It not the same but it’s not different either. There’s turbulence, and there’s insistence.

It was a very interesting walk tonight.

Remind me sometime about the marine biologists. I was amazed!

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