Shit! I lost what I was writing last night. I know it must have saved somewhere! When was the last time Microsoft threw any thing away on you? It saves everything unless you specifically tell it either not to or to forget it ever saw it in the first place. BTW it never throws that away either, so you need to smash it with a hammer! (Great line for an excellent animated feature from Disney, Cuzco. With David Spade, Puddy Warburton, and introducing John Whatshis name from Rosanne. Goodman! Also with Whats her name from Cybil…I should know her name. I usually do. But what’s more Eartha Kitt as the villain! Looked it up Wendie Malick… Oh yeah, and Tom Jones. Just watch it, you’ll ask yourself if you’ve been missing other good stuff because you thought it wouldn’t be good.)

So I gotta figure what I wrote last night which was so much better than the stuff I’m likely to write tonight is going to be “there” When I finally break down and buy into the One something or another cloud thing that hooks my camera phone to my PC But only a little is free. Now there is $ to be made.

In any case…

Officially Summer starts on (around) June the 21st (Maybe it’s the 20th this year because of the leap year.) And Summer ends September 22. There’s a point in the weather where Early Autumn temperatures are approximately the same as Late Spring. In Maine those autumn temps hit in really early Autumn, known to everyone else as late summer.

It’s ok, The temperature is idyllic. After all, what do they keep the thermostat set at in Heaven? And is God The Father going to be like every father on Earth who has a thermostat that he can control. “Who touched that! Don’t touch that. You think I was pissed off with the apple tree, touch my thermostat and SEE what happens to ya!
“I’ll just say this: Lucifer… He was cold one day. So he touched my thermostat! Oh you want it warmer, do  you?  He’s got it warmer now! Sumbitch! How is it? Warm enough for you NOW?”

The point that I would have liked to have made in a more narrative form and less dialectic is that he walks alone in the dark. After the day’s labors have been done. There is a mountain of work ahead of me him.  The greatest show on Earth is the sky when you live where it’s at least relatively dark. The summer has been spectacular as one follow Jupiter’s voyage followed by Mars and Saturn, and the moon phases. And the Milky Way! Why are people inside? Why are they watching lights inside boxes?  And when there are no stars (True story. We have these friends up here who are early risers. And that means they’re early to bed. Why that is important will be apparent shortly. Biff and Daisy (their real names, far as you know) were very excited to tell us all about their trip to the Grand Canyon. I’m not certain if they got to the bottom by some way other then Donkey. I don’t think they took the donkeys. Anyway, in that I was so psyched about the stars this summer, I asked them about the stars at the Grand Canyon. Perfectly fine, intelligent type people, they said that, as they looked quizzically at each other not quite sure why they don’t remember seeing the stars. She said, Oh yeah, Remember that night we went looking, but the sky was too dark. It was too dark at night, you couldn’t see the stars.”

Erm uhm, OK. Let that one drop and just keep on going. Until later when I’m asking my wife if I heard that? The sky was too dark at the Grand Canyon?

Well eventually it occurred to me that these people are asleep by 8:30 to 9:00.They only know from stars what they’ve read in print. Maybe they’ve seen them on TV.)

Mountains of work. The night air. the temperatures. Exactly the same. And yet… in the late spring, May, June, the air is crisp with a hint, a suggestion, a clue, the answer to the enigma wrapped in the mystery surrounded by a mythology, The answer is there, now you just have to figure out what it means and then why it is and you’ll have a genuinely usable piece of information. It’s there, that undercurrent of warm. That warmth that gives you confidence that you have all the time in the world. In late summer, the temperature is exactly the same. but now the undercurrent is the coolness of an approaching time of suffering.

It’s as if the temperature is an average. There air layers of air that are 80 degrees, and there are other layers that are 60, and the thermometer reads that as 70 degrees. Perhaps the Spring time has that warmth because it is the ground warming up and once in a while you can feel that heat as it rises through you. It’s a bottom layer. Just like in these days it is colder air that is travelling below the warmer upper air.

Last night was better. Essentially it was the telling of a joke by Isaac Asimov and Joseph Heller.

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