Mid June

In other news.

The weather tonight was perfect. walking down the dark, sand road ( a sand road is like a dirt road but not nearly so formal and technologically advanced as a dirt road) when a vehicle slowed more than it should have, I turned and noted that it was a red pickup, driven with attitude and, what? Trepidation? Why did it slow so, I was off the street, do I look that shaky? (I’m trying to hide that but I have those spindle legs like the old man. They work but they may not appear to have the balance they.) Or shady or sketchy? Or  does the truth lie somewhere else? (Interesting visual, Truth in a bar talking up Gullible, who looks just like a Barbie doll and has the “smarts” to show it. It’s a package deal. And Truth is lying his ass off trying to get Gullible in the sack!  “What? Of course I’ll call you! Are you kidding me? Sure.” )

OK It’s gone past and turns down the way I’m headed. Think nothing of it.

I take the right and stroll down the round rocks and gullies and deltas of washed sand road. One turn, a sharp one, Probably not a 90, but it might as well be. You sure a shit can’t see around it.

Singing: “Sitting on a park bench boom bad bump eying little girls with sad intention…. Snot running down his nose Baam  ba d…” what the hell? Why is there a car on the side of the…? Is that that pickup? Hummph walk by, be cool. Don’t look close.. what the hell is that? Llooks slumped into the wheel. But it doesn’t look like dead.

Step a few more steps. Stop, look at the rear of the pickup… look at the dirt road. look at the angle. Headlights are off. She’s waiting for somebody to come around that corner. She’s waiting for someone in particular. I’m further away from the truck  as it occurs to me that I ought to go … This person is pissed at whoever they think is going to be in that vehicle that comes around the corner and sees the red pickup, and knows “I’m busted!” So maybe I should go back and just say “There’s not going to be any violence here tonight, is there?”

Now, I told you that so I can tell you this: I’ve been working on a strategy for the protagonists to exist in the book. This kinda comes from the conversation with the preacher man. He had asked me if I knew “where” I was going after I died. I said I did and I didn’t really get into my mythology. I don’t believe in Heaven or Hell or having to be contained to two absolutes (I mean, here is an Eternal, Infinite, Triple O being and He says “Two options seems like enough!” God can’t even decide if He’s the Father, or the Son or the Holy Spirit for crying out loud! But “Two’ll do it” for His favorite creatures in the entire universe! “Oh don’t get up! I wouldn’t want You to strain Yourself! (Talk about making a rock He can’t lift. Sheesh!)

So am I going to Heaven or Hell? I couldn’t condense my theory into coherency. So I’ve been working on it. I have a thread that goes… When you live you create pivot points in your history, and then you just go on living. This happens 18 times in your lifetime. How do I know that 18 is the number? Well it came to me, and in my mythology I’m kinda like Don Juan, sometimes the universe sends me messages. Don was talking to every snapping twig, and maybe, maybe not. My messages usually come after I’ve had an event that makes me absolutely know that something else is going on. (This time it was the conversation I had with myself about what if someone came up and claimed that I had hit their car with a rock from under my lawnmower, that I had smashed their window. Three minutes later, there she was! It went down almost exactly as the conversation I had had with myself just minutes earlier. And I knew it as it was happening. It was fun. So when I say you make 18 pivot points in your lifetime, that comes from a good source. I just have no idea who it is or why it’s important to anybody. So far nobody has come back to tell me that my number is wrong. (I wonder if I have been anyone’s pivot point. That would be an interesting thing to watch for. -Cool, important idea. It echoes the idea that stories that don’t seem to be related are, in fact, so)

18 pivot points, and when you die, you are back at a pivot point, and instead of his dad telling you that your best friend got promoted to Sergeant, he’s telling you that he got killed in some somewhere as if it makes any difference. And your life goes on from there. You have forgotten your earlier life, it doesn’t exist in this iteration of your life. One day, you’ll die. and your conscious (although not your ego) hits a different pivot point.

In this pivot point you really did go up to the pickup and peer in to inquire, “We’re not going to have any violence here tonight. Right?” Oh But we ARE! (OK Steven King, Take it the hell easy!)

Pivot points.

What makes you choose a pivot point? You’ll recall, dear reader, that there are the several ages, and each age has its own mastery of the math required to shape a present by influencing people in the past (wherein, “past” means right now, today) So, you were used to influence an event in this time frame and then you are use to alter other events for different outcomes.

So “Time” doesn’t mean to them (who are “us’ by the way, they are the subconscious “voices’ we assume are related to our ancestry. Some of the voices are past, but some are future lives as well.) so getting you to create 18 pivot points because they know what they want you to do there. Since it’s the future, they don’t care if you live to 130! From their perspective , you have already died 18 times and filled all of those pivots. And while you were doing that, you made 17 more pivots. (This is why there are 18 holes on a golf course. The more they try to tell you otherwise the more that goes to show, they’re hiding something from us.) No matter what it is they assign you, you’ve already long since played your part.

Just a couple ideas to remember.

Oh wait, walk … It was a great night for a walk. the temperature  was such that walking down the sand road was like an experience in a sensory deprivation tank. It wasn’t warm, it wasn’t cold. With just enough wind to keep the mosquitoes from flying. It must be the way they keep the air conditioning in Heaven.

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