Summer of 2016


Hermit Island Nocturne
Robert James Hacunda
Prints, available here

1.Weirdness 6 This is a little bit cheating, But I think you’ll understand when you’ve seen it.

2.June Know that this was written on a different website, by me, where my handle was #1 (I thought it was a pretty funny name, and most of the participants wished they had thought of it.)

3.Mid June

4.All of July There’s a line at the end of San Ber’dino by Frank Zappa where he says “Bobby, I’m sorry you got a head like a potato, I really am.” I really do like this guy, he’s cool as a moose. But he is who he is. And he’ll recognize. I hope this doesn’t cost me a friend. I really don’t have them to spare.

And yeah, that’s what most of July was like… Wait! there’s the twist! I can save this!

5.August Sounds of Summer As the Summer progressed I attempted to record the night sound scape. If I can ever figure out how to edit and produce them, this is where I’ll share them.

6.September The stuff I wrote the night before WAS tremendous. Which remind me, there’s a bunch of hand written stuff that I still have to transcribe.

7.Some More September

8.October I really like this idea! I think it will be a running contest. The winner’s story stays up such that the game is “King of The Hill” (You gotta love it when the stuff writes itself.)

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