Weirdness 3: Contributed

This bit of weirdness is donated. It is not my personal experience.

My friend Julie’s 96 year old mother was winding down. She asked Julie about her plans, and Julie said she was going to Las Vegas on business but first planned to get to the summit of Zion, which she’d long longed to do. Her mom mused, “I think you were conceived in Las Vegas,” which shocked my friend as it was so unlike her mom to discuss such matters.

When Julie got off the plane in Las Vegas, she learned that her mom had died. She wasn’t immediately needed at home, so she rented a car and drove, through intermittent rain to Zion. Atop it she saw a rainbow that disappeared into the clouds. Then she noticed that the lookout had been established in the year of her mother’s birth.

And so, my friend mused, her relationship with her mother on Earth began and ended in Las Vegas.

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