Weirdness 8

This is also elsewhere, but it can’t be ignored, so it needs to be here too.

This summer The Missus and I were being practically hectored by reality. It seemed every which way we turned we were experiencing outrageous synchronicities. And the question was, “Is this really Reality trying to send us a message?” We were driving down to one of our favorite restaurants at the end of the Summer and Reality shot us another message, which left us to ask each the question again.

We pulled into our favorite parking spot, and I got out of the passenger side of the car and looked up (which is almost impossible not to do getting out of our low slung car with bucket seats.) This is what I saw:

No wicked witches were harmed in the production of this message.

How clear does it need to make itself? It (IS) wasn’t “over there” it was right in front of my eyes. Reality is what “IS.” How can I continue to ignore reality when it is telling me I need to do this. We need to do this!

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