Weirdness 6

This one is really W3o7ed up!

I swear to you that it happened exactly as I’m going (well maybe I can’t be exact on the time, but otherwise) to tell it.

It was I guess early to mid June. I don’t recall exactly. I was in Newburgh. I was mowing the lawn. Both of these weigh towards June. It was right after I had been invaded by the SWAT Team earlier in the week. I wasn’t in Maine for the Summer yet. Although I may have already been up and then came back down and was getting ready to go back up.

I was mowing the front lawn, the strip between the sidewalk and the road.

The city, or the utility or someone had needed to dig and left a pile of detritus on the aforementioned strip. I was too lazy to rake it up. I figured that eventually I would level it out with the lawn mower.

So there are portions here that relate back to the definition of Coincidence  in Gloss and it is a pre echo of what happened earlier today. There were rocks in the grass, and I was mowing over them, but I didn’t consciously hear a rock being picked up. And I am conscientious about not mowing while there are cars in the road. I always have been and I’ve been mowing that strip for 30 years now.

But I do like to listen to music while I’m mowing the grass too. I’m giving this all the benefit of the doubt that I can.

After I was done with the strip, now it’s time to go up and down the strip of grass in my driveway (I really don’t know why people feel compelled to blacktop their driveway. I love being a guy with a dirt driveway that has a grass strip going down it.) As I was mowing that strip I was thinking of a scenario where someone would pull over and say that I had hit their window of their car with a rock. I would say to them, “OK well put it in on your insurance, you have glass coverage.” and then they’ll say “I don’t have glass coverage.” and I’ll say “Well it’s not my fault you have shitty insurance.” and a bruha ha will ensue.

Down the driveway, up the driveway. Cut to the right and mow the side of the driveway. Now turn around and get the other side of the driveway, in front of the tree.

But I can’t see the tree. because there is a woman standing there.

Apparently, her window of her car was broken as a result of what she alleged was my rock hurling device.

“Put it in as a claim.” I don’t want to admit any guilt. And also I’m already reeling because this was exactly what I had concocted just minutes before.

Look, I’ve mowed this strip for 30 years and NEVER before had this thought. And here it is. As if I had the premonition three minutes before it happened.

Eventually we settled out of court. I gave her money for her window. But that’s a different story that has nothing in common with this one, except the circumstance.

Now, the thing is that I was standing in the basic same spot when I had the coincidence of the Landlord’s truck, and the spontaneous music when I had the construction of the story minutes before it happened nearly exactly the way I (never) thought it would.

That this was the beginning of the summer of weirdness (now extending into the next winter) has to be a case of the Als or the fates or whomever, trying to tell me to pay the W3o7 some attention!

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