Weirdness 5

This one ought to be a first and there is a good case for it to being linked to “Summer of 2016”

This is from: A higher level of coincidence, (this happened this morning) You’re outside shoveling the snow and you’re thinking about how your old landlord, for what he was charging, he ought to have plowed your driveway as part of the bargain. There is no traffic, but a full two minutes after your thought a lone truck comes down the road. It’s the truck (one of several) of the old landlord. That’s a fairly high coincidence. If there had been plenty of cars or trucks before or even after this particular one it would be on the level of the boy with the milk. But that it was the next one! It’s not evidence of anything extraordinary, but it is an amusement.

I watched the truck go by, the window was opened and I waved to the driver, although I have no idea who he was. And I laughed. It was an amusement, and I chose to be amused. It is your choice, you know.

I thought that I would have to put the definition of a coincidence in Gloss. And I worked on the differentiation between a coincidence and an actual “Reality is fucking with me” event.

From absolutely nowhere. My cell phone that was in my jacket pocket, and earbuds silent in my ears. Just like they had been for the 10 minutes since I put the phone there. I usually like to listen to music while I’m doing something as needing of distraction as shoveling snow. But I had moved my Pandora app in the phone and disabled it in the process. I did have music downloaded to the phone, but I didn’t search it out and the phone was in RBF mode when I put it in my pocket.

From absolutely nowhere and with absolutely zero manipulation on my part (and I was all alone. I was the only living anything aside from trees out there.) the music started on my phone.

Tell me why I should think of that as a coincidence!

Tell me why I shouldn’t then think of it as anything but a message. And the message was to show the bright line between coincidence and “Reality fucking with you!”

I’m going to save and publish this. But then I’m going to link it to Weirdness 6.

This could qualify for its own Weirdness number. To be honest, I don’t know if it happened before or after I originally put up the above weirdness.

I’ll be brief.

Above I tell of the music coming on all by itself.

The next snow storm came. I was still a little freaked by the first event, so this time I wasn’t going to test things. This time I put the cell phone in the same pocket, but this time I turned the music on before I went out to shovel.

I was doing fine everything was jivey. I half way expected some neighborhood crew to come along and offer to shovel, for a price. They didn’t. Fine with me; I’m out in the cold moving snow around.

I was in nearly the same exact spot that I was the last (two) times when what happened? The music stopped. All by itself. No manipulations. boop. Right in the middle of FM, no static at all.

I looked up and there were people in my driveway. They weren’t (so far as I know) of evil intent. They were looking to cross the street. But it was odd how the message got to me that I ought to stop listening to music, and pay more attention to my environment.

Then I remembered what happened. The battery died.

Except that the battery didn’t die. The battery was fine. The song was paused.

So that, again, is coincidence? I understand that each coincidence is independent of all other coincidences, but that we tend to aggregate them and thus elevate our expectation that they are coordinated. That’s the mathematician’s explication, in any case.

It’s weird.

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