Weirdness 4

First let me say that there are plenty plenty of examples and I’ll add some as I go. But this one deserves because it is about to confirm one of the tenets of the book.

Someplace here I wrote just the other day that the problem with the Mars missions is that they are dystopian and as such they do not engender optimism or excitement.  I said that Elon Musk ought to come clean and tell the world that the mission to Mars is not about colonizing other planets, but it is about grabbing an asteroid with Mars being the not quite home base of the mission.

Further I said that the Asteroids would be made of iron given that the Earth has an iron core and it is made up of asteroids that smashed into it over the formation period of the solar system.

What I said beyond that was that there is no purpose to colonize other planets while we can build planetoids and put them into solar synchronous orbit and offload humans and manufacturing (pollution) to them.

I said all of this a scant few days ago. And it’s not as if it isn’t a synthesis of SF and aspirational science (Alyeti! Make that a theme! Aspirational Science as contrasted to Science Fiction) (Maybe that’s where I put it, in Gloss, nope, not in cast of characters either, so don’t follow those links.) ( I was working on chapter 8… maybe… anyway) I was introduced to the concept of asteroid mining in the 4th grade (at most) when the Space Race   was in full swing.

Point is that today the morning news was talking about a mission to the asteroid belt to scope out an asteroid with 10 quintillion (referred to as ten thousand Quadrillion for some odd reason) dollars worth of Iron. Now it will be common for people to be excited about the space race again.  Of course there will be those that worry about “bogey men” like in Alien, but, what can you do with some people?

Look, I just think that co incidences are rarer than that.


I found it! Here it is

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Why will a mission to Mars fail to capture the imagination the way that the mission to the moon did?

Because there is this feeling that building colonies on other planets is “our only hope.” That means that the mission to Mars is a desperation move. Elon Musk is creating the future of interplanetary life. I still ask the same question: Why wouldn’t we first ring the sun with man mad planetoids? Why do we need a planet? We need sunshine and water, that’s about it. Everything else we can make out of those two things (plus some fertilizer, Sun, water and fertilizer…And something to stand on, but that’s a given because it’s a man made space station. You stick two of them in Solar Synchronous orbits and they’ll be apart forever and then you Jetson car back and forth between them.

One of them is manufacturing and the other is living space. You go to work on the one and then live in a pristine environment on the other. (Interesting idea for a TeeVee series… maybe even animated. Actually, not terrible! with high tech animation… video game.)When the one station is completely filthy, they send it into the sun and bring in a brand new factory.

Point is that Musk is smarter than to think we need to colonize other planets He wants to go to Mars because Mars is half way to the Asteroid Belt.

You go to the asteroid belt and you find a metallic asteroid (consider that we’re made of Iron, so there have to be asteroids of the same composition if not just solid iron) And you start chugging towards Earth again. In that time you will have eaten the asteroid in half and have processed it into two entire space stations using a 3D printer technology combined with electromagnetism.

Point being that we’re going to Mars to start building shiny Space Stations that we’re going to place in just the right orbit that the weather is optimal and at such an orientation that nighttime is optional. Now we’re talking about a future! One where we’ll have internet and wifi like wild, as if it were a feature of nature. Now THERE is a space mission that kids can get behind! There’s a future that we should aspire to live in.

What is weird is that four days after I wrote this there was this on the morning news

I wrote the piece as I was writing the classifications for the Als. This was in Class 7, I wrote it on 1/15/2017.
It’s weird.

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