Weirdness 2

You’ve seen this In the comment of the home page. To me, that is a weirdness in and of itself.

This is a story that will link to The Summer of 2016 thread. Sort of an echo, not really designed, but evolved to pique.

I was taking my walk through the night air. It’s a strange truth that people seem to really like it when there is one visible star in the sky (as if it could be someplace else) and yet they go and hide when there are many, many stars to be seen. The roads are deserted except for the rare occasional automobile. Once I saw a guy standing out there, whether he was out to smoke his cigarette or if his intention was to make sure I wasn’t being nefarious, I don’t know. But that was just that once.

As I walked past these ocean side cottages, the constant was the blue glow. Every house had a lighted window and some of that light was from a glow screen. A TV mostly, but a Computer Monitor is the same thing. I had this feeling of superiority as I walked through the empty crowd with nothing but my pen light if I needed it. I took the corner The corner, this one, to be exact, and headed onto the beach for the final leg back to my starting place.

I thought, These people are afraid of the dark! They sit in their wooden caves and they huddle around the electric campfire that tells them stories so that they can shut out the nightness.

Now, this idea had been kicking around in my mind since I had been thinking about light in the eyes of the predator in early June. Mankind has a need to be afraid of the dark. It is somewhat of a evolutionary imperative. Fearlessness in the night will turn you into Jaguar chow. But that imperative is exploited by those who would sell you the solution. Electricity, and all the magical tricks it does.

But on this walk I declared that “I am different! I am not afraid of the dark!”

Ok, so what?

The very next day! Scant hours after this conversation not only with myself but I had it with Lisa when I got back inside. I was on the computer, and I noticed that there was a new  album by one of my favorite artists, Jeff Beck. Well I HAVE to see this, how had I not heard of it? I went to Bing and I looked. This is what I found.

You will notice that the video is an image of a TV screen. Not only was it what I was talking about, it was why I was talking about it.

Did I see it the day before? No.

Did I first see it days after? No.

Does it make the difference? Not that I know of, other than it is reality trying to get me to believe that it was contacting me!

That’s weirdness.

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