Weirdness 11 (The False Alarm)


Working on the website. Had a little concentrate  of concentrated concentration. I’m typing a note to myself that is of the “One day they’ll use this for evidence” sort of a way.

I had come to a particular conclusion (or two, or…) I came to a spot where  I had said what I said (It’s a plot point in the future stories that come off this book. I can’t tell you too much.)

I went to add a thought or so and the computer would not respond.

“Ummm… ok…I guess we’ll just leave it like that …” Try Try Try to change it. Try opening after closing the window. Hit update  Try again. “Nope. Whatever it is that it is, it don’t want me changing this.” Go on ahead and try something else.

Something else works! Huh…

Let me circle back… Try… Nyet!


Oh, wait!

Those things I was doing… they were all mouse things!

Oh, yeah… I wonder, oh look the batteries in the keyboard are flat out dead! Oh! That’s what that was. Oh man! That’s good!


(Note from, Al Ike : “Now you just go ahead and believe that.”)

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