I was using the incident from the Movie/Book Prizzi’s Honor to illustrate Chris Christie’s dedication to the career path he had chosen. As I’m known to do, I was sitting back, admiring the magnificence of the turd I had made “without even using my hands!”

So I’m looking at Charlie Partanna with Irene in what is going to be their final scene together. And I’m looking at Padrino,, Don Corrado Prizzi and I can hear the way the William Hickey poured those words over the scene. He ¬†ladled sweet whine flavored sauce over the raw wounds and it soothed the wound, until you got to the acid of what was being said, then you dared not cry out in pain. The man and the role are inextricable for me.

So anyway, the deal is, “Hey, you’re made a junior partner by virtue of your value to this thing of ours. You can do whatever it is that you think will earn. We will support you in these endeavors. You in turn will support us in our endeavors. And your share comes second to our share.”

The Mafia is a terrorist organization. There is nothing about them that makes on a proud American. They use their organization to avoid the laws. And so the “easiest” money is money that is made outside of the law. But! If your business was within the law, that was more than ok. So long as we can use your organization to move money through in order to launder it. (True story is that I was talking recently with a bookkeeper for a company that wound up supplying lumber to the mob. On Fridays a brown paper bag arrived, and the contents were divided up among several of the company’s stores. The store then send a shipment of 2x4s, 2x6s, Plywood, nails, what have you to construction sites in Jersey. Where they were assembled into apartment houses and housing developments and cetera. They paid full price for the lumber and they sold the houses for full price. In essence they were laundering cash. because the supplier divided the cash into the several stores and they just went into the week’s cash receipts. The owner eventually went to prison, for a while.)

According to Richard Condon, one of the favored businesses was the restaurant bidness. A made man would have a restaurant that always had the food like mama made. It needed to be profitable too. But I’m drifting.

I’m drifting because I’m half afraid to drop this. It’s not an “I’m married to her” sort of point, but I do think there is enough similarity such that the idea deserves to be exposed.

You know who else operates like this? The Mormons! This is an organization that trades ideological purity for support. And that support results in your company supporting the church.

I’m not sure if it is an evolutionary step forward in economic theory or one backwards. It seems to me to be a (call it) third socio economic model (Communism, Capitalism and Communitycapitalism… Church community capitalism.)

I’m not saying that the Mormons are as ruthless and vile as the Mafia. They are in businesses that for the most part are above boards (I feel that Bain Capital is NOT! I feel that they ¬†avoid the laws’ intents if not the letters.

And so this is political. In that it is again the hypocrisy of “the people” that they want to witch hunt Hillary for all the times that what she did wasn’t exactly illegal, while at the (I would say same time, but Donald Trump is so far outside the realm of what is “legal” it is pathetic.) past time, they were just fine with the depredations, degradations and disemboweling of American jobs as practiced by Bain Capital! To the point now where it is a mark against her that she gives speeches to the “RELATIVE” “good guys” on Wall Street which is admittedly a low bar. But at least Goldman got caught, at least JP Morgan plays by the rules, for the most part. UGH!

I’d say, maybe the Mormons are on to something. Except that most of what they are onto is protectionism in a free market. The Mormon Church can be seen as a huge conglomerate. It would be nice to think that there was a moral center, there. But the morality is centered on the interests of the advancement of the church.

Oh well… Something to ponder. Or not…

Community Creativity.