Just, so you know #1 is me

Donald Trump might just be the savior the world has been looking for!

By #1

“Thanks to Freddie, I’m a sexual spastic!
And my name is Booby Brown
Watch me now, I’m goin’down”

Bobby Brown Goes Down, F. Zappa

Huh? And on top of that WTF?

It may well be that in ten years you are looking back on Donald Trump and you might think he did the greatest thing any president of the United States of America has ever done.

There is a chance that if Donald Trump is elected President, he might just bring prosperity around the globe, in ways never expected. And at the same time he will have done more to spread the ideology of democracy and capitalism along with fair trade and normalization of global opportunity and income. And more importantly, more personal happiness then at any time in recorded history.

It sounds like hyperbole, and maybe it is. It’s not meant to be. It’s meant to look at the possibility and project the effect it will have on human beings. Not only is this Pollyanna, pie in the sky optimism it’s also more than possible. When you hear what I’m about to tell you, it will be your duty to engage yourself and as many others as you have influence over, to do the same.

This has the potential to be an evolutionary tipping point. Revolutionary, paradigm shifting socioeconomic upheaval without a shot.

There are those who say “If Trump wins, I’m moving to Canada!” To which I say/ask, “Canada! Why in God’s name would you move to where, not only is it cold, but it cost even more to live there as it does to live here! (How many strawberries do you think they grow in the long Canadian summer?) Worse yet is that it’s the US’s little brother, and any stupid thing we do, sure as shit Canada’s going to do it too (they didn’t do it in banks, but they did it in Oil! Over invested when the price was at ridiculous high prices!) They had Conservative governments long after we thought bett… never mind.

Brothers, I hear Greece is on sale! I hear Portugal is just this side of free. They’ve been growing enough food for them selves for a thousand years! Move to Canada? No fucking thank you!

So think about that… Thousands, tens of thousands, millions of Americans saying “Tootles!” as Trump starts the first migration from the New World since Christopher Columbus! My family was here since just about Jamestown (Mayflower, pfft, noobs.) And I don’t really want to go live where they came from either. But what if you have been here, owning a Greek Diner (no offense intended, which is probably what makes it offensive) or you’re Dr. Patel. One of 3 things. But let me try to get back to them later.

What if we flooded the world with America’s middle class intelligencia? With our morals and our values and enough sense to know how to interject it into our new host countries’ ethos? And meanwhile, we’re there, bringing jobs and economic injection of our pension and social security into their economy! People are happy when they are making scratch. Of course some will be mad because the house on the beach that you bought for $250,000 is now worth $2,000,000 and it is just as far out of his reach then as it was when the 250 was impossible. But generally speaking…

Except, you’re not happy. You’re looking at the local customs and… we just don’t do things like that in the USA (or didn’t when you were living there.) You’ll start to agitate, you’ll support your countrymen as they run for local office and the influence of your collective power encourages the locals to join forces as you fight to open up their society.

And this could all be because of Donald J Trump. You’re the happiest you have ever been. You stepped off the Suburban rat race and into a Mediterranean paradise. You no longer care who wins the POTUS, so long as somebody is there to make sure social security keeps going. But, if not. It’s not like you can’t find a way to make money over the net. You don’t have to physically “Be There,” anywhere. You could convert the pool house into an office.

You’ll be layin in bed saying
“Thank you, Donnie
Cause your name is
Bobbie Brown, Watch ya now
You’re goin’ down.”

Rift the 2nd.

She doesn’t like me. Old lady, I don’t know that I’ve ever laid eyes on her. But man does she hate me! She hates everything about me. She hates the house I built, she hates that I’m alla time working on it and it still looks like a ragamuffin. Of course she hates that I’m from New York, and that I’m from anywhere that isn’t here. And that I got THAT house. How dare I get THAT house. and her house looks down on this house, it’s right in the view, it ruined the view! ┬áIt used to be such a picturesque view, with a half facing the ocean. Truth be told, I don’t think she was too fond of the last owner either. But there wasn’t anything she could say about it. the owner was a Stuart (the real name) and the Stuarts own all the land here, so Not much you can do about that.

It could be just me or it could be that she’s (maybe not) “just” a mean old New Englandah, Mid Coast Maine Synod, Down Eastern, biddy. And I’m going with THAT!

Here’s why. Now, it turns out, she hates my light. I can wax poetic about the work of art which is my light. But here’s the thing. I hate her lights. Her house sits up on the ridge and those front windows are constantly 100 watt lit. The yellow light projescts out into the dark night. From the outside of her window pane light is jumping off on a journey across the universe (or until it hits something that can absorb it, they it’s fucked.

Now here’s the thing that tilts the scale to biddy.

If the lights are on in your house. and the light rays are heading out into the darkness… There is a lot of light that says, “You know, I’d rather stay right here. Instead of going through that window and jumping off the other side, it jumps off the inside of the window pane and travels back into the room.

The windows become a mirror.

Since the windows are mirrors, you can’t see my light anyway. At worst, some of the light that left my lamp got confused when it hit her window. Some of it jumped off the inside of the pane.

So what exactly are you complaining about? That you can’t see your reflection in the window?

I don’t know if I’ve ever set eyes on the woman.

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