I gotta vent too.

Thing is, I’m a postaholic. I coined that term BEFORE somebody else picked it up and ran with it. I joked about creating the web’s first three step 12 step program.

I am also the creator of the joke about FAQs. And what they are really telling us, sound it out; FAAAA   Q. You got questions about our product? You want us to give you answers? FAQ! RTFM!

So anyway, I’ve resigned from all the places I used to vent in order to concentrate on this project. And I’m watching stuff go by and it’s bottling up, not good for the gall bladder.

The idea that General Petraeus might be the next Secretary of State, just knocks me over. Here we spent how long discrediting Hillary for using a private server for (for the most part) non classified communications, in a world where the NSA was listening in on Angela Merkle’s cell phone, but somehow they missed that Hillary’s emails came with “Sent from my Blackberry” at the bottom of them?  It’s like the old Arlo Guthrie(I’d send you to his website, but it seems like it is in an advance state of entropy) song, Pause Of Mr. Claus where he’s talking about the last guy. As if the NSA doesn’t know exactly where each piece of information originated before it is even allowed to penetrate into the system is naïve.

(Shift to a different rift/rant) I put up laser decorations for Christmas lights. I shoot them into the trees and I want to tell you it is spectacular! I mean, aside from the very fact that I have a laser light display in my own front yard! Lasers! My front yard! I’m old enough to be impressed by that! I remember when Lasers were a scientific novelty, when they told us that they could cut a number of side by side holes in a razor blade (I always thought they meant the broad side of a double edged razor blade, like my dad used to shave with. I could not even imagine they meant the edge).

So OK, this means that there are a ton of lasers (and they’re pretty light!) going into the sky, hitting passing airplanes and jets. Which, up until now would theoretically land your ass in jail.  So how was that? Did the government make it illegal, knowing that a certain number of moth brained individual would then be drawn to the game of cat and mouse so that the government could test out ways of pinpointing laser sources in real time? And now that they have the technology, they’re like, yeah what ever. (This is not to mention how preposterous it is that someone could reliably hit a cockpit of a aircraft traveling at hundreds of miles per hour and the windows are feet in diameter, yeah, right. But that you would take that chance with the lives of all on board and shoot the laser there anyway, Moth brained doesn’t come close to describe how unthinking you need to be!

Back to the original rant; Meanwhile, General David Petraeus (whose mother, I am told by a woman who used to be her neighbor and friend, was an avowed pacifist. So the guy can’t be all bad.) while he was head of the CIA was passing classified secrets to his girlfriend ON G MAIL! Granted, it was the GMail function we all use to pass information from one device to another, the draft… funny, the General abused the Draft function. But it’s as though it came out of “Spy Story 101: Sleeping with the enemy.” And now THIS guy is good to go for SoS? How hypocritical can you be?

I’ll probably add to this as I go along… no real sense in making a new page every time I think of another thing to complain about.

“Hi, my name’s Robert, and I’m a postaholic,” one.

“Hi, Robert,” all.


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