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This started of as a parenthetical in an other place. It’s related in that its where my mind when as I was getting into the opposition mindset.  I was writing about Evangelicals and I got way outside what the locals there wanted to talk about, in the style they want to talk about stuff. So yeah, I know it’s insane….

{Also, Alex is here}

Here’s the thing about evangelicals…

Hey! Scalia dies 3 days after he rules on an Abortion case! On a ranch owned by a guy who has a case coming in front of the SCOTUS. AND That Guy’s name is John Poindexter!

I don’t think it is THAT John Poindexter but that just makes it even more so freaky like God is sending a message to the…. Well here’s the thing see? If he sends it to the people that He’s usually sending the messages to, you know, after the natural disasters and the terrorism or crime happens? If He sends them the message they’re not going to do anything with it, see? And if He sends it to the people who need to know and might could do something with the information… if they’d stop bumpin’ into each others! And anyway, they don’t believe in He so why would they see the sign.

You know, being He… there’s a lot more strategy to that game than you think! Oh yeah, you think He just has to think it and the laws of nature are willing to change! Stupid assed guys…

They’re over there creaming their jeans over a single “Booiiiingg!”  (Creaming their jeans, boing, there’s a joke in there, remember that for later.) And all it does is prove God. Prove the Bible! That’s how the Earth is 6 million AND 4.5Billion years old at the same time! God is more powerful than the constraints of your Math! The more math you do the more you prove the power of God! What’s that? Really? Thousand? You’re sure? Not Millions? Well that is quite a God we have there!

But still, trying to get a simple clear message to the… the… In The Image and all.

I wonder if God looks down on His kids and sees the major malfunction. You? You got your wife to blame for “those traits” and she’s got your genes to blame for kids with stinky feet “You got your father’s feet, kid!” But God doesn’t have anybody like that! He looks at his most favorite creature in the WHOOOOOOOOOOLLEEE universe! (And there are some real asskissers out there too! Some of those planets haven’t had a war, ever, don’t kill, no false idols, They don’t even need to … that s-e-x thing… no no no UH UH! they found Mitosis, and they stuck with it through the entire evolutionary… He designed it that way! Wasn’t that Intelligent?  So it’s not like those other beings… don’t think they don’t know… Oh He’s told them alright. They can all be number two but they’ll never be #1 with God! That is US and us alone! Because you know how important the #1 is to the infinite!

He must! He must look at us and say, “And that’s why I don’t appear in Mirrors anymore!” ( What? Vampires? God too… Yeah… Ya huh. it’s in the Bible look it up… Where? Uh Narcissi Chapter 1,000 Verse Epsilon. ) Who could look at Himself in the mirror after seeing little bits of Him in us. Not you, of course, but that other guy. Think of what God must think when he looks at ME! If he’s half as embarrassed by the things I’ve done as I am! He’d be like “Oh yeah… Oh Yeah I remember that… Oh yeah, oh no! Jeeesuss!” “Huh?” “Nothin’!” “You called me.” “I said ‘Nothin’.”  “Yeah but you called Me, You said ‘Jesus'” “I SAID, NOTHIN’!” (And by the way, I’m getting real tired of that 3 magical 3 thing….3. That!) (Note from Alex “I like them, screw that guy, leave ’em in!”)

And He looks down and He found that rock that’s so heavy He can’t move it. (Whoa dude, metaphorasaurus, and a half! Wait til the next dweeb tries to disprove God by saying “If God can do anything can God make a rock he can’t lift?” And I’m gonna say, “Yeah! He made the human heart! And when you turn your heart to stone And then he made it breakable!” There’s a rock that even God can’t lift, not right away anyway! ) Half of humanity has turned its heart against God, and the other half are atheists! (Text from Alex… That’s out of character. But it’s too good to leave it out. Make sure that it was made clear that the first person here is crazy. Then it’s in the meta character.) So figuring out how to get a message to these people is almost enough to want to just think this universe out of existence and start all over again!

The Conservative judge is called up to Heaven the magical THREE (3) once more for continuity THREE days after he (something something somethings) about (DA DA DA DUMMM!!!) Abortion (something else something else something else entirely) on a Ranch.

Now. Scalia could’a been anywhere He wanted him to be! SO it only follows that Scalia was exactly where He wanted him to be (that’s two).

So if you’re going to take the message you have to ask the questions that move the narrative (something that, if they understood it sooner, the Bible wouldn’t aggravate your sciatica!) forward!

Why? Yes Why did God have Scalia at a ranch theoretically hunting with some buddies from an ancient hunting club (Maybe this is what the….HOLY FUCK! This is what the framers were talking about when they said “Well Regulated Militia!” They were referring to “Hunting clubs!” Rich bastards, they all belonged to Hunting Clubs, like the Elks, or the Lions! It’s what you did to relax when you were taking a vacation from all that Mason work they all seemed to do for Free no less! You know how busy you’ll be if you’re working for free? No wonder those guys was so rich) ( Alex asks: Why is it every time your character gets dumb, he sounds like he’s from Da Bronx?)! ( OK maybe that. Probably that, too,) anyway. Yeah that message is there! You can’t deny that! Here’s the JOTSCUS that is THE Constitutional Originalist. And he dies. Which is news, big news, which means everybody is going to find out about the hunting club (If I remember correctly, a person in this organization has a case pending before the SCOTUS. Perhaps a pending pending.) Point being that this makes the news even BIGGER. Because God is yelling “Pay Attention! Somebody, anybody, 495nzvbody!” (He made that last one just because He didn’t have the patience to find another “___body” word to make the third of the trinity three. It’s gone now, but for that moment, everybody had known that word for ever and it made perfect sense!) {Pause two three…} ( “‘Everybody!’ MeDamnit! arrrrggghhh!”)

“Ho Hum, Him! What else Ya got?”

Well, by dying at the ranch it comes out that: This guy Scalia hey, this guy! He is saaamooothhh with the Shhhamooozzze! He has been taking free trips by the ship ton! And lot’s of them are with people who have business in front of the court.

Like we’re supposed to be surprised by this! This is the guy who went Duck Hunting with Dick Cheney while they’re arguing their case in front of the SCOTUS! It’s like “This Court is in recess for the weekend” Conk! and Dick Cheney says, “Ok there Scalia. Get your stuff and meet me out back with any luck our motorcade will be out of town an hour before the traffic jam it’s gonna cause, forms”

We heard about it sure… but then it’s no “speeches at Goldman Sachs’ rah rah meetings” either! So it fell by the wayside in the “Liberal media!”

(Alex here: You’re falling out of character and the piece is turning back into a rant.
#1… The “real #1, not the one who’s first personing this, “I know, Alex. I got tired and I’m interested to get to the ending. You know there’s a twist ending, right?
Alex says, “Oh course I know it, I’m your editor. And you won’t know if there’s a twist at the end of this until you get there. I might have edited it, for all you know!”

OK, so I’m back to an astereotypical “Born Again”ster. Although I’m having trouble with his motivation. Is it that he is interpreting it objectively? Because isn’t half the story about how this whole thing is a message from God and how the Evangelicals don’t want to hear that this is a message from God. Yes, exactly half. The other half being that the other half of the population don’t want to hear it either. Third half being all about the political poster that you could see at the link if I get around to putting in the link, and how similar the fervency can be for all sides.

Side note: if there is no twist, or you saw the twist from miles away, blame Alex.
Side note: To the side note,”My name is Alex: And I Approve of the first side note.)

(I lost him. I’ll keep trying to find him, but)

What if? What if He is sending a message? What If? Will you believe Him?  What if God calling Antonin Scalia home at THAT particular time IS God sending a message? Because, I know you don’t believe. I get that. I really do. I’m there. I got my own thing. The thing I got has a loophole for ideas to travel. Does yours?

If it doesn’t then, I think you’ll have to admit that the situation has a real coincidental set of circumstances  or maybe an “Inteligent Design” to it. You can’t be 100% sure. Not if you’re honest with yourself. Abortions -> 3 -> Death ->Scandal ->Scandal ->Scandal —>Reveal And they’re all going to be “just coincidence?”

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