Alex Appears Here Part 2

I liked the MCCain McAbel  angle… and I like the rest of it, but not enough to finish it out and put it in politics. I’ll leave it here and maybe I’ll get to get back to work on it…

I was thinking earlier that Bernie Sanders is in danger of becoming John McCain.

And I will say that the similarities make a stark contrast of the two parties, and Hillary’s campaign in particular.

When John McCain asked his brother (McAbel) if he should run for the nomination in the turbulence of the turning millennium McAbel said, “Hey, this is your time, with everybody worried about Y2K they’ll barely notice that MCC was the year of your birth!” He could’a been a contender, his brudder sent him into the ring, and then told Bush II about John’s “black Baby!” (“Payback’s a bitch, Cain!”) Bush fought dirty, REAL dirty!

Amazingly, however, JM kept his sense of humor and non partisan, “Country First” attitude.

So here we have Bernie Sanders. He’s a party outsider (that’s where they party in Vermont!) Versus a well financed Clinton II (II: The Sequel to the Sequel). He’s a jovial gnome, the embodiment of Poppa Smurf, but he’s turning mean! Just like McCain did in 2008.

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