Class 7

Oh boy… Uhhhmmm did I tellll yoooou…

Ok, look, maybe it’s time we had a talk, you and… well who ever the heck this is right now. But look the question is, “who” are these guys? Which asks many unasked questions, like “why” are these guys? And that’s what we have to talk about.

Did you Read This yet? And if you did (or maybe because you read it before you got the book) Did you read this?

Because if you didn’t, you should go right now and do so.

Back already? Cool.

So the progress of evolution has been larger and larger colonies of cells working in concert with each other. And they do something else remarkable, they share DNA. They have a piece of it that is their own, but they have found a way to all have the rest of the DNA identical. There’s clumping of the life matter that is always in the environment. DNA is merely a memory device. But it is a permanent memory. One that is shared and read and memorized by every succeeding generation.

This is important in that it is the physical manifestation of the “desire” of life as related in Tree Watcher. Spirit is the amalgam of those spirit from all the pieces of the memory device. And just as the surrounding chemicals surrounding the DNA inter act with the DNA and its replication systems are alife, there is spirit, so they are working together.

This is why some egos attach and some are returned to the eternity of the oceans.

(Note from Alex, I cleaned up that detritus and moved it there Damn you! I just cleaned one of those up!)

Where was I? Sixes. Right. There is the global consciousness which is the consciousness of every living cell regardless of whether that collective (Animal or vegetable or virus) is alive or dead. It is as if we are awash in a sea of this life.

How is that different than the cells in the ocean? They didn’t perceive that they were in an ocean. The desire was to exist and to grow. And so some of them coagulated and worked together for a common outcome. So too have individual “droplets of consciousness” coagulated into a spirit 

I didn’t tell you what these people are yet, did I?



They’re sorta of part of the package, part of not. Does that answer your question?

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