Class 6

This group of, “What I assume are.” may or may not conceptualize that we are even communicating. They are designated as:


They don’t communicate by using words at all they freely and easily communicate with each other with streaming numerical sounds, that only they could hear.

Some assert that they are the natural evolution of human “speech.” We’ve been talking for thousands of years and we still can’t say what we think. Because part of us thinks in numbers and we somehow understand that language but it doesn’t translate into words.


(Hey, Alex. You know, I feel like I’m supposed to put that exclamation point there. But isn’t that really just being redundant? You said ‘Yikes,’ what else would come after that: a question mark? A period does seem a little anticlimactic, however.”

“Yes, Uther, it is redundant and necessary at the same time, that’s why I put it there… also to break up that other monologue. But that’s the thing. Having the exclamation point as a necessary part of the excited word is to have a symbol that is part of the word. So when you want to think that a numbers based communication is too far outside your own experience, you’re already there.

That’s how evolution works.”

“Hey… Just a note to everybody that Alex could have changed that story to make himself look better. Don’t Know, just sayin'”)

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