Class 6.1

What I said about the math talkers. These are the same except that these guys are:

Science Talkers

What should be “noted” here and in Class 6 is that these are also the guys who communicate through things like music, which is a symbol based external memory device (not unlike the written word, and yet very different from the written word.)

When music “music stirs your soul” that is because the artist’s 6 and 6.1 Class Als are communicating with your 6 and 6.1 Class Als.

They are also responsible for “A picture is worth a thousand words” and the hidden images that appear in some artists’ works. Usefully, they are responsible for our ability to receive the information too. for example:

It is class 6-6.1 that allows us to see the fox.

You do see the fox, right?

No? Try hitting “Ctrl+” a couple of times. Better?