Class 1


This grouping of Als is classified as:

Flight, Imagery

This collection of “thes” on the continuum from quite literally, flying, to Metaphorical Iconography.

When you are flying in a dream, your Class 1 Als are taking over! That stuff about if you hit the ground you die. That’s the sort of stuff they tell you so that you’ll make sure they don’t. But think about it. How could anybody ever know that. Has there ever been an autopsy report that said “Cause of death: Stayed asleep while having the sensation of falling, hit the ground and died.” Oh, so you sawed open his head and clicked the black box recorder that showed his dream?

While Als are generally just the one Classification, there is bleed over between the categories and the Als themselves are sometimes the blending of the colors. Hey, the rainbow is bent, ok?

In many ways, the Class 1 Als are the ones in charge of visual memory and visual imagery, even though there are Class 6.1s that are more involved with the more abstract visual arts. For an example of the differentiation see here.


The basic visual is Class 1 the Cat is Class 6.1. 


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