Al Ex

Al Ex Every time I write something snarky he changes it any way, so He’s a great guy with humility out the YY. He’s the Al that was assigned to be my editor. Whom he pissed off to get that assignment has yet to be revealed.  Alex assigned Al Yeti to be my research assistant, is there a connection there? I don’t know.

As to which class he is in/with…

I’d like to say it’s Class 1, which is Flight, Imagery (Just in case we ARE a butterflies dreaming we are human)

But he’s also Class 2, which is Community. In that it is where Political skill resides.

So maybe he’s a Class 3, Communications.  Editor, duh!

I’d like to rule out Class 4, Ego Identification. But ego is the root of competition, and he’s all the time competing. (“Winning!” Al Ex)

What is an Editor other than one who aspires to Class 5, Efficiency?

He is at least able to communicate with Class 6, the Number/Music based communicators.

As well as the Class 6.1, the Science/ VisualArts communicators.

It might explain a lot if it turned out he was a Class 7, which is Exteriors.  In that his motivations don’t always seem to “bee the hive” as it were.

Which is not to say that he isn’t  classic Class 8, Defense, in his defensiveness in regards to the group.

Membership in the one almost automatically enrolls you into Class 8.1, Offense.


(Note from Alex: Nicely done, Robert. We wanted a list like this and now we have one.)